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The Possession Of Michael King Blu-ray Review

The Possession Of Michael King Blu-ray Review

“The Possession of Michael King” brings very little to the possession genre.

After Michael’s wife (Samantha) dies in a tragic accident, the seemingly atheist single father decides to make a documentary film about his search for truth and or proof of the existence of any Godlike or Devilish supernatural acts or beings. Of course, the skeptical Michael begins to dabble with things he shouldn’t be dabbling with and ends up becoming possessed by a demon. Little by little, the now possessed Michael begins to lose it as he hears strange voices in his head and act out of the ordinary (to say the least). Can Michael rid himself of his possessor or is he doomed?

At 76 minutes (83 with the LONG credits), writer/director David Jung struggles to stretch the already thin premise to feature length form. It’s no secret that the possession genre has been bled dry as of late, and while Jung attempts to give the popular horror genre a unique perspective with a documentary/found footage approach, it gets tiresome by the film’s halfway mark. Sure, there are a few creepy moments here (namely the sleeping daughter and sister scenes), but showing Michael’s torturous progression into hell is a rather tedious affair. There’s only so many scenes you can show of Michael going mad, screaming, and trying to fight the demonic possession before the film’s appeal becomes non-existent. The fact that the character of Michael is constantly recording at times he would never be recording doesn’t help the film’s cause either.

As for actor Shane Johnson (Michael), he does a decent job in the title role. While some solo scenes are unintentionally funny, you can’t blame Johnson for trying to make over-the-top scenes look and feel believable. I have to imagine that trying to act possessed all by your lonesome on screen is a difficult challenge for even the world’s best actors.


Presentation: 1.78:1 1080p. How does it look? The cinematography shines in what is essentially a found footage movie.

Audio Track: Dolby TrueHD 5.1. How does it sound? As with many horror films, the sound is used effectively here.

* DVD copy and Digital HD copy.

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