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Cthulhu Fluxx Card Game Review

Cthulhu Fluxx Card Game

Gamers will go mad for “Cthulhu Fluxx” (in a good way).  

For a game that thrives on chaos, a 100 card “Cthulhu Fluxx” deck feels like an oddly appropriate theme for the ever changing card game. Drawing from author H.P. Lovecraft’s classic stories such as “The Call of Cthulhu,” “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” and “At The Mountains of Madness,” this thematic edition of the game starts out using the same basic rules (draw 1, play 1) before evolving with each card played. Much like previous editions such as “Pirate Fluxx”, the goals (28), keepers (20), new rules (18 including basic rules), creepers (8), actions (18), and surprise (3) cards are still present. However, there are a few new mechanics here that will make the game more challenging and fresh to longtime Fluxx players.

One of the most interesting additions in this set is the 4 ungoal cards. These cards can keep players from winning the game thereby leaving cards (and or the deck) winning instead. Basically, the house wins in this case. Players do have the option of playing the Meta Rule card which provides 3 ways for players to win including a way to win in the event of an ungoal card.

Some of the other new elements to keep an eye on are the 4 card symbols that are displayed on keepers and creepers. First up, there is the investigator icon that is represented by a magnifying glass (The Professor is an example of this type of card). Next there are the doom symbols that consist of an hourglass symbol (or symbols). The Necronomicon card, for example, boasts 2 doom icons. The doom icons are sometimes tallied together depending on a card or situation in play. If you’re worried about doom, you’ll be glad to know there are the anti-doom cards that can subtract doom points. Cards containing a sideways hourglass (like The Elder Sign) are an example of this. Last, but not least, there are attachments (which contain pictures of two upright cards). Some creepers such as madness, nightmares, and metamorphosis can attach themselves to keepers or investigators which could be problematic to say the least.

If you’re like me and have played previous editions of Fluxx card games for hours on end, “Cthulhu Fluxx” will prove to be a welcome addition to the Fluxx family. While the new elements and card types may take some getting used to, they certainly add to the endlessly entertaining mechanics and gameplay. On top of all of that, the Lovecraft theme is absolutely perfect here. Whether you treasure Herbert West (The Reanimator himself), Miskatonic University, or the Shoggoth, a majority of the characters, Gods, places, creatures, archetypes, and themes that you know and love from the famed author’s works have been included here.

Overall Thoughts: The replay value is virtually endless for “Cthulhu Fluxx.” Pick it up at your friendly local game store or wherever card/board games are sold.

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