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Adventure Time: Princess Day DVD Review

Adventure Time- Princess Day DVD

‘Princess Day’ is the latest themed single disc “Adventure Time” DVD release.

Even though it seems like Warner Bros. just released an “Adventure Time” DVD last week, the studio understandably has to strike while the iron is hot. In this release, the 16 episodes from seasons 2-6 revolve around Princesses as the title suggests. Among the plotlines you can expect to see here are: a prank on Princess Day in the Breakfast Kingdom, Ice King crashing a Princess Potluck, Fionna and Cake fan fiction,  Jake and Finn investigating a “robbery,” the creepy Jake suit, a troubled Ice King winding up on an intelligent island, Finn helping the Box Kingdom, Rattleballs the robot, the Slime Princess and her sister Blargatha, Lumpy Space Princess, a Frankenstein’s Monster esque Princess, Finn falling for the Flame Princess, Gunter clones, Finn and Jake helping Susan Strong, Jake meeting Lady Rainicorn’s parents, and the Ice King up to no good (of course).

By now, you should know what to expect from “Adventure Time.” It’s a weirdly creative and surreal animated series filled with colorful characters, childish humor, and lots and lots of songs. The cult series will either appeal to you or it won’t. Personally, I just can’t connect to the characters (most of whom I find profoundly irritating) which makes it near impossible to invest the show. I certainly respect the artistry of the show, but perhaps the show is just out of my age range. If I were a young lad, I could potentially see this show being of interest, but watching it now, it’s all rather shrug worthy to me.

With all of that said, I think “Adventure Time” fans will be happy to see this DVD hit the market. While some fans may want to just wait for the season sets, the affordably priced single DVDs are a good bet to get your Jake and Finn fix (or in the case of this DVD, your Princess character fix).


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? Wildly colorful as usual.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 2.0. How does it sound? The 2.0 track does what it needs to do.

Extras include “Adventure Time” and “Regular Show” DVD ads, and a “Little Did You Know” text bonus feature that offers up information about Flame Princess, Hot Dog Princess, Princess Princess Princess, Wildberry Princess, Muscle Princess, and Turtle Princess.

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