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The Last Days DVD Review

The Last Days DVD

“The Last Days” is a pleasant surprise.

After the literal outside world has been plagued by a killer agoraphobia/panic attack esque condition known as The Panic, the human race is forced to live indoors. The narrative of “The Last Days” focuses on a programmer (Marc) who has been stuck with his co-workers in an office building for three month. Wanting to find his girlfriend Julia, Mark decides to travel underground with his boss Enrique (who is also searching for someone). Armed with a GPS, map, flashlight, and weapons of self defense, Mark and Enrique try to navigate this dangerous new world, but can they survive long enough to find their loved ones?

Having previously penned the underrated post-apoclayptic thriller “Carriers,” David and Alex Pastor return to the same genre with their latest end of the world sci-fi drama “The Last Days.” This time around, the two co-write and co-direct the project together. While similar themes and ideas are reused in this project (such as human fragility and a widespread virus of sorts), this film has a far more hopeful vision of the future. The heart of the film is a search for loved ones and while this plotline can be a bit melodramatic, it’s refreshing to see a film in this genre that ISN’T so dark and bleak. Of course, there are a few horrifying moments here to be sure, but generally, this film doesn’t crap all over humanity.

While the story may be a bit thin for some movie buffs’ liking, it’s the eerie atmosphere and location shooting that makes ‘The Last Days” so memorable. The subway tracks, the train station, the visually engaging supermarket sequence, and the deserted mall locations make viewers believe that the world has been turned upside down by The Panic. Without these striking settings, I’m not sure viewers could buy into the story or the situation. The imagery is very much the soul of this movie.


Presentation: 2.40:1. How does it look? The impressive cinematography shines on DVD. I only wish there was a Blu-ray release.

Audio Track: Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? No issues here. A solid track all around.

Extras include IFC Films trailers and trailer for “The Last Days.”

Overall Thoughts: While end of the world films are a dime a dozen, “The Last Days” is one of the better ones as of late. Check it out.

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