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Clive Barker’s Next Testament Volume 1 Graphic Novel Review

Clive Barker's Next Testament Volume 1 Graphic Novel

“Clive Barker’s Next Testament” is a thoroughly engaging comic book series.

Written by Clive Barker and Mark Miller, “Clive Barker’s Next Testament” is a new 12 issue comic book series from Boom! Studios. In volume 1 (which collects the first four issues), the story begins with a 60 year old man (Julian) having a vision. This vision leads him on a quest to free a banished God (Wick- the Father of Colors) from a buried structure. Unfortunately for the world, this is a very bad thing as Wick was banished for a reason. Now, with the seemingly unstoppable Wick out in the world, the God begins to kill, plan a second coming, readjust to modern life, stop technology, etc. The only people who seem to pose a possible threat to Wick are Julian’s son (Tristan) and his wife (Elspeth). Can these two young lovers find a way to stop Wick or are they doomed along with the rest of humanity?

Instead of wasting valuable panels with clumsy exposition and unnecessarily lengthy character introductions, Mark Miller and Clive Barker waste no time jumping right into the story. From the first page on, “Next Testament” is a fast paced story about a God being reintroduced to the world and the global impact that it has. While there is some forgettable melodrama here (mostly involving the father/son dynamic between Julian and Tristan), it does not detract from the fascinating story involving Wick.

Speaking of Wick, the character quite literally lights up the comic (this God IS the Father of Colors after all). Whether Wick is telling the real history of the Old Testament or committing gruesome, bloody murders, Wick’s dialogue and actions never cease to grab your attention.

Of course, Wick would not have come to life if it were not for artist Haemi Jang’s work. While some of the human character facial expressions are a bit off at times, the comic art is largely impressive here. This is especially evident with anything involving Wick’s chaotic deeds.

Like many graphic novels these days, this volume 1 collection contains a Victor LaValle intro about Clive Barker, an afterword by Rodrigo Gudino about God, a sketch gallery by Haemi Jang, and a colorful cover gallery.

Overall Thoughts: Clive Barker and Mark Miller have developed an intriguing “What if?” story about a God reappearing in modern times. I whole heartedly recommend volume 1 and I can’t wait to see what happens in the forthcoming volume 2.


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