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Vera Set 3 DVD Review

Vera Set 3 DVD

“Vera” is strictly for the detective show junkies.

In the third series of “Vera,” there are four 90 plus minute episodes. These murder mystery tales find DCI Vera Stanhope investigating the shooting of a woman, a murdered surgeon and his kidnapped daughters, an extreme sports fan who was presumably set on fire, and a mystery man who was stabbed to death. The series is based on the respected Anne Cleeves novels.

By now, I expect most viewers know the routine for this genre of show. It’s very much a standard detective series. What really separates these shows from one another is the main character which is, in this case, Vera Stanhope (Brenda Blethyn). The smart, authoritative, dedicated, grumpy and lonely DCI is a flawed, rich character, but she doesn’t really stand out in the pantheon of great detectives. There’s no question that Brenda Blethyn (of “Secrets and Lies” and “Atonement” fame) is a talented actress who does her best with the role, but the problem is there’s nothing iconic or memorable about the character or this series when compared with the countless other detective series on TV across the globe. Truth be told, it’s a very formulaic, humorless, procedural with sleep inducing mysteries. The show doesn’t have a particular hook which makes it entirely forgettable. With that said, if you find detective shows to be your “comfort food,” “Vera” will certainly appeal to you.


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? “Vera” is a sharp looking modern police procedural.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital Stereo. How does it sound? Adequate.

* Acorn trailers.
* A behind the scenes photo gallery.
* Separate text interviews with Brenda Blethyn and David Leon.

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