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Gangsta Volume 2 Manga Review

Gangsta Volume 2 Manga

“Gangsta” continues to be a mixed bag.

In the second volume of the ongoing manga series “Gangsta,” the story continues to primarily focus on the adventures of the “handymen” Nicolas and Worick in the city of Ergastulum. In this particular batch of chapters, the two are called in by the police to identify murder victims before being called in by the Monroe crime family to help out with an attack by a mysterious Twilight kid named Doug. As you can imagine, plenty of mayhem ensues in these battles as it becomes apparent that a crime family power struggle is brewing. Another key subplot here involves Alex (who is now staying with Nicolas and Worick) being haunted by her dark past.

After the first two fairly uneventful chapters of this second volume, author/artist Kohske packs in a bit too much in the following chapters. While I’m happy to see Kohske throwing in exciting action (particularly the sequences involving Nicolas vs. Doug) and going into more details about the laws and rules of the universe that these characters inhabit, his work suffers from being chaotic. While Kohske excels at action, the artist seems to have trouble with scene transitions and establishing a sense of place or location. Additionally, there are simply too many characters to keep track of at times. This is especially problematic when characters from various Crime guilds continuously pop in and out of scenes. Yes, there’s a handy little character tree of sorts at the start of the volume, but certain panels can still be disorderly.

Overall Thoughts: While unnecessarily convoluted, “Gangsta” continues to be a page turner. Whether or not the series can improve upon its flaws remains to be seen, but for now, it’s still worth checking out.

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