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Godzilla: Rulers Of Earth Volume 2 Graphic Novel Review

Godzilla- Rulers of Earth Volume 2 Graphic Novel

“Godzilla: Rulers of Earth” volume 2 is even better than the first volume.

In the “Godzilla: Rulers of Earth” volume 2 softcover graphic novel (which collects issues 5-8), the storylines involving the Kaiju research team, the Counter-Kaiju Reaction soldiers, the Devonian and Cyrog alien invaders, and, of course, the Kaiju continue to unfold. On top of that, readers can expect to see newly introduced events and characters such as Kaiju experiments, cameos from two non Godzilla monster movies, Godzilla and Gigan battling in Las Vegas, and appearances by Biollante, Rodan, M.O.G.U.E.R.A., Orga (!), and yes, even Jet Jaguar.

While writer Chris Mowry continues to juggle far too many jumbled storylines in favor of developing any layered characters, he makes up for these shortcomings by delivering exciting and page turning Godzilla comic action. To say Mowry’s knowledge of Kaiju films is extensive is an understatement. Not only does he bring back characters such as Orga from “Godzilla 2000” (one of my personal favorite Godzilla films) and Jet Jaguar from “Godzilla vs. Megalon,” but he also digs deep into the Toho archives to include beloved monster characters outside of the Godzilla series. I could say more about this, but I firmly believe that the surprise of seeing these characters pop up on the page is what makes “Rulers of Earth” such a treat. This series is clearly a love letter to Godzilla and Toho and it definitely succeeds in that respect.

As for Matt Frank and Feff Zornow’s art, it continues to be spectacular. Whether the two artists are creating human exchanges or chaotic monster brawls, they perfectly capture the spirit of the universe that these characters exist in. The level of detail in the character designs alone is something to applaud.

Note: Much like the first volume, volume 2 contains a colorful art gallery and cover concepts by artists Jeff Zornow and Matt Frank. In these pages, you’ll find their takes on such characters as Gigan and Rodan.

Overall: Between “Godzilla: Rulers of Earth” and “Godzilla (2014”), it’s truly a great time to be a Godzilla fan. While it’s true that the story and character problems continue to mount in ‘Rulers,’ there’s no denying the fact that volume 2 dishes up even more exciting action and surprising character inclusions that will undoubtedly please longtime Godzilla fans.

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