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You, Me, and Them Series 1 DVD Review

You, Me and Them Series 1 DVD

“You, Me, and Them” is a cringe worthy British sitcom.

In the 6 half hour episodes that make up series 1 of “You, Me, and Them,” the story revolves around Lauren, her older boyfriend Ed, and both of their dysfunctional families. On Ed’s side of the family, he has an oddball brother (Alan), two grandsons (namely Tim), and a clingy ex-wife (Lydia) who happens to live next door to Ed. On Lauren’s side of the family, there’s her nagging mother (Emma), judgmental father (Clive), her sister (Debs), her sister’s husband (Keith) and her nephew and niece (Charlie and Ellie). As you can imagine, the family get togethers prove to be chaotic, awkward, embarrassing and full of conflict.

While there are certainly some differences between the two shows, “You, Me, and Them” is clearly the UK’s answer to “Modern Family” only ‘Them’ is neither clever nor funny. Considering the fact that the show boasts a mini Whoniverse reunion with talented cast members Anthony Head, Eve Myles, and Lindsay Duncan, one would think the show would at least be watchable. Sadly, however, the cast members are given very little to work with here leaving their talents wasted in a sea of mediocrity. Each and every script of this sitcom is full of routine stories, an overabundance of obnoxious characters and forced comedy that makes watching the series downright painful. ‘Them’ brings nothing new to the table as we have seen this kind of wacky family dynamic comedy series far too frequently as of late. Skip this one, folks.


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? The quality of the show aside, this is a sharp looking single-camera sitcom.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital Stereo. How does it sound? The dialogue and music is always crisp and clear which is all you can ask for from a sitcom.

Extras include Acorn trailers, 5 minutes of bloopers that are funnier than the series, interviews with the ensemble cast about the series, and a tour of “Emma and Clive’s House” set.

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