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William And Mary: The Complete Collection DVD Review

William and Mary- The Complete Collection DVD

“William and Mary” is a well written British dramedy.

“William and Mary” is a British dramedy that ran for 3 series for a total of 18 episodes. The premise of this character driven series involves a widowed father/undertaker (William) who falls in love with a single mom/midwife (Mary) after the two meet through a dating service. The series then delves into stories of William and Mary’s jobs, individual family dramas, the effect of William and Mary’s relationship on their respective children, Mary’s ex Rick, William’s business problems, Mary’s mother Molly being diagnosed with cancer, William starting a new funeral home business, a pregnant Mary, weddings, a new house, William’s band, a death in the family (won’t say whose), and Mary and William feuding.

In a sea of police and crime shows, “William and Mary” is a refreshing change of page from the norm. Sure, the show can get a bit soap operay at times with the slightly overexaggerated hectic households and piled on conflicts, but for the most part, it’s a compelling and charming series about life, love, birth, family, and death. Had the show gone on any longer, it might have overstayed its welcome, but for a mere three series, the show feels like the perfect length as the characters are given proper time to develop.

On the subject of the characters, the two titular characters are wonderfully played by Martin Clunes (of “Doc Martin” fame) and veteran British TV star Julie Graham. The two have delightful chemistry together and they carry the show through thick and thin.


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? Sharp.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital Stereo. How does it sound? Fine. This track doesn’t require all of the bells and whistles of a 5.1 track as it’s largely a dialogue driven series.

* Acorn trailers.
* “William and Mary Interview”- A 40 interview with Martin Clunes and Julie Graham that contains episode clips as well as discussions about the characters, writing, the plot, etc.

Overall Thoughts: Much like life itself, “William and Mary” will make you laugh and even sadden you at times. It’s a show about humanity and it generally excels in its storytelling. Give it a rent.

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