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Alpha And Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack Review

Alpha and Omega 3- The Great Wolf Games Blu-ray-DVD Combo

“Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games” is a rushed direct to home video sequel.

In “Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games,” the story revolves around Humphrey and Kate’s children Claudette, Runt, and Stinky as they set out to build a team for The Great Games (a wolf/critter Olympic esque competition).

At a running time of 45 minutes (including credits), “Alpha and Omega 3” should not even qualify as a feature length film. Not only is it under the 60 minute runtime (which is the shortest a feature really should be), but there’s also barely a story to be had here. Aside from slightly delving into themes about family, competition, and personal effort, the movie is entirely about a game and that’s it. It’s evident from the get go that this third installment was a rushed product that was trying to cash-in on the Olympics, but oddly enough, it was released AFTER the Olympics. Worse than that, however, is the fact that the actual competition in the film is utterly devoid of excitement. If you’re going to proudly bill this film as THE GREAT WOLF GAMES at least deliver on that title instead of wasting screen time on wolf puns and jokes.


Presentation: 1.78:1 1080p. How does it look? Despite the quality of the so-so animation by Crest Animation, this colorful hi-def transfer does offer up the level of clarity we’ve come to expect from a Blu-ray release.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The music is overloud, the voice work is mediocre, and the crowd sound f/x are hellacious, but aside from that, the track itself is fine.

* Lionsgate trailers.
* Wolf Fun Facts Trivia Game.
* Great Games Amazing Maze- A quick, simplistic game in which you guide Claudette down the right path to the finish line.
* Digital HD copy.

Overall Thoughts: Having not seen the first 2 “Alpha and Omega” films, I can’t compare or contrast them to the third flick. With that said, I can safely say that ‘The Great Wolf Games’ is strictly for kids who loved the first 2. Note: This is a Walmart exclusive title.

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