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Dragon Ball Full Color Volume 1 Manga Review

Dragon Ball Full Color Volume 1 Manga

Dragon Ball- Now In Color!

While some purists may scoff at the idea of seeing their beloved “Dragon Ball” Black & White manga series colorized, a color version of the English adaptation of the Shonen Jump Edition of the action sci-fi classic now exists in an oversized softcover manga book (try saying that ten times fast). While it may be little more than a cash-in gimmick, it is respectfully done. Anyone who cherishes the “Dragon Ball Z” anime series will notice that each frame, character, and action piece in the manga series has been colored in the same way as the anime series. Take that as you will.

As far as the content goes, I think DB fans know what to expect from author/artist Akira Toriyama’s ever popular Saiyan Arc. Having seen and read this particular over many incarnations and re-releases, it is a fun and eventful introduction to the world of DB. In case you forgot or don’t know, the Saiyan Arc (at least this volume of the arc) begins with the Saiyan Warrior Raditz arriving on Earth. As Raditz confronts Goku and company, Goku not only learns that Raditz is his brother, but he also learns about his Saiyan Warrior origins. This monumental event causes Goku’s life to be forever turned upside down (especially when Raditz begins stirring up trouble). Leaving them no chance, Goku and his friends have to fight back against the dangerous Raditz. Naturally, plenty of chaos and eye popping action ensues (yes, even in full page spreads). Of course, there’s more story than just that, but I don’t want to reveal everything in the off chance that you have never experienced the world of “Dragon Ball.” As an added bonus, the back of Volume 1 contains a sound effects glossary.

Overall Thoughts: To some fans, it may seem pointless to colorize a B&W manga, but others may enjoy seeing this tale in a new light. DB collectors and completists may also find this to be of interest. Check it out and see if it’s for you.

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