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Alone Forever: The Singles Collection Graphic Novel Review

Alone Forever- The Singles Collection Graphic Novel

“Alone Forever: The Singles Collection” is another winner from Liz Prince.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to read author/artist Liz Prince’s pencil drawn webcomic series “Alone Forever,” you can now read a collection of her popular comic strips courtesy of this new softcover graphic novel from Top Shelf Productions.

Having already tackled the joys of being in a relationship with the endlessly charming “Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed?” (which is one of my personal all-time favorite graphic novels), Liz Prince tackles the single life via comic vignettes that range in length and size. Over the course of this 104 page autobiography of sorts, “Alone Forever” sees Prince (in comic form) chatting about OkCupid or music, trying to impress bearded guys, goofing around with friends, going out on bad dates, relaying embarrassing moments, talking to her cat or mocking herself.

Much like her previous work, ‘Alone’ is 100% personal, funny, and more importantly, real. Anyone who has ever been single in the modern age should be able to identify with the heartbreak, loneliness, and awkwardness that Prince so eloquently displays in these comics. Sure, there’s a lot of self-pity and perhaps cathartic moments from the author, but I’m willing to bet many readers will feel as if they too have lived these slice of life tales.

As far as the artwork goes, Prince sticks with the simplistic, crudely drawn imagery that she is known for. Truth be told, it’s not exactly Alex Ross esque, but it doesn’t need be. The content is what matters most here.   

“Alone Forever: The Singles Collection” is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and wherever graphic novels are sold. While you’re at it, pick up “Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed?” too.


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