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The House Of Eliott Series 1 DVD Review

The House of Eliott Series 1 DVD

“The House of Eliott” will appeal to fans of British soap operas.

In the first 12 episodes of the popular BBC costume drama series, viewers are introduced to the two central characters- sisters Beatrice and Evie. The main storyline of the 1920’s set show involves the sisters adjusting to life without their father. You see, when he passed away, the sisters initially thought they’d be wealthy from their father’s inheritance money. As it turns out, he was a rather poor businessman and left his family with very little. Now, the two are forced to find work and move on with their lives.

Main story aside, there are other key subplots involving: Evie’s sleazy legal guardian (cousin Arthur), secrets about their late father (including an illegitimate son named Sebastian), Arthur running into trouble with his shady 25 Club, Evie and Beatrice deciding to start up a dressmaking business called House of Eliott, Jack (a photography studio owner), Beatrice and Jack forming a bond, a kind hearted woman named Penelope (the sister of Jack), Jack trying to direct a film, a House of Eliott employee (Tilly), Hugo (a suitor of Evie), and booming Eliott business (and business complications).

By all accounts, “The House of Eliott” should not be worth your time. The soap opera plot plays like a prim and proper British 1920’s style “2 Broke Girls,” the drama is entirely forced (see the inclusion of the villains and the crisis of the week storylines), the writing is often very clunky (observe the cornball dialogue), the characters constantly bicker, and actress Stella Gonet completely overacts as the character of Beatrice. And yet, even through all that, the series is still oddly watchable. Sure, much of the credit belongs to Louise Lombard (as the charming Evie), but the screenwriters also deserve partial credit as well. As flawed as the writing is, one cannot deny the fact that the characters and story develops immensely over the course of the season.


Presentation: 4:3. How does it look? ‘Eliott’ looks like an old school shot on video BBC series. In other words, it looks mediocre.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital Stereo track. How does it sound? This track is not going to wow anyone, but it’s adequate. The period music is certainly the most noteworthy aspect of this track.

Extras include Acorn trailers, a photo gallery, production notes, and text on 1920s Fashion.

Overall Thoughts: “The House of Eliott” is by no means great television, but I can see why viewers get hooked on this series. Recommended for British costume drama and British soap opera fans.

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