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Good Luck Girl!: The Complete Series Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack Review

Good Luck Girl!- The Complete Series Blu-rayDVD Combo Pack

While not perfect by any means, “Good Luck Girl!” is silly fun.

In this 13 episode anime series, the story revolves around an eccentric Poverty God (Momiji) who is assigned to travel to Earth to deal with a troublesome issue involving a “little miss perfect” high school girl (Ichiko) who has far too much good fortune and happiness energy. As a result of this individual’s abundance of fortune/energy, there is a great unbalance in the world. Momiji has to try and take her energy/fortune in order to restore balance.

Aside from that main storyline, there are also several other key characters and story arcs about Suwano (Ichiko’s Butler), Momiji becoming a student at Ichiko’s school, Bobby (a pervy monk), a classmate (Keita) and his brother (Ryuta), a dog god (Momo’o) that can turn into a human, an aging box which turns Ichiko into a child, a transfer student named Ranmaru, tennis and cooking, Tama (a cat), a bath outing, Momiji losing her powers, and Ichiko using her energy/fortune to help family/friends.

“Good Luck Girl!” plays like a warped spin on “It’s A Wonderful Life” with Momiji as the Clarence esque guardian angel (of sorts). It’s a profoundly absurd and silly series filled with unpredictable plots, weird asides/flashbacks/dreams/fantasies (see the bondage cat bit), amusing anime references (such as “Princess Mononoke,” “Death Note,” and “Dragon Ball Z”), fanservice (of course), and loads of bizarre humor involving everything from a bathroom god that resembles a giant turd to a creepy mute stuffed bear named Kumagi. The offbeat series is so strange, in fact, that it all becomes a bit tiresome after awhile. After all, there are only so many odd characters and Momiji/Ichiko quarreling scenes one can take. With that said, as bonkers as the show may be, there’s no denying that it’s still a fresh, amusing, and utterly watchable comedic anime series.


Presentation: Widescreen 1080p. How does it look? As with most Funimation Blu-ray releases, this is another winner. The animation looks crisp, colorful, and bright (perhaps TOO bright) in hi-def.

Audio Tracks: English Dolby TrueHD 5.1 and Japanese Dolby TrueHD 2.0. How does it sound? The Japanese track is fine, but I actually prefer the English track for this particular series. The English dub cast really goes out of their way to make the characters their own here which makes for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

* Trailers for “OniAi,” “Maken-Ki,” “Ikki Tousen,” “Fairy Tail,” “Sankarea,” and Funimation.com.
* Commentary on episode 4 by Todd Haberkorn and Brina Palencia. The two chat about anime, learning, careers, and answer fan questions. The good folks at Funimation must be taking notice of criticisms because this track was an improvement from the usual fare.
* 1 textless opening song and 2 textless closing songs.
* A U.S. trailer for “Good Luck Girl!”
* A giggly, lighthearted video commentary for episode 8 by Joel McDonald, Brina Palencia, Colleen Clinkenbeard, and Martha Harms. More video commentaries, please.
* A passable commentary on episode 12 by Colleen Clinkenbeard, and Martha Harms. The highlight here is the great intro by Patrick Seitz (who should be on more commentary tracks).

Overall Thoughts: While it may not be for everyone, “Good Luck Girl!” is a cut above the norm. Give it a try.

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