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The Hunt Blu-ray Review

The Hunt Blu-ray

“The Hunt” is a well made film that is incredibly tough to watch.

The plot: After getting divorced and losing his previous job, the kind hearted Lucas is attempting to move on with his life in a small tight-knit Danish town. Things seem to be looking up for him when he gets a job working at the local kindergarten and manages to spark up a relationship with his co-worker Nadja. Unfortunately, things fall apart for Lucas as the confused kindergarten student daughter (Klara) of his best friend (Theo) begins to spread shocking lies that Lucas sexually molested her. Lucas soon finds his life spiraling out of control as the majority of the people in the community (friends included) believe that the child is being truthful. With only his son and friend Bruun on his side, Lucas has to try and move on past this tragic injustice.

It’s not hard to see why “The Hunt” is receiving all sorts of awards and accolades because it is a truly powerful, frightening, and gut wrenching story about lies, mob mentality, and trust. Yes, it’s difficult to watch a character’s life being destroyed before your very eyes (especially since we know he is 100% innocent), but knowing the truth makes the movie’s themes all the more effective.

Speaking of Lucas, actor Mads Mikkelsen (of “Casino Royale” and “Hannibal” fame) gives an award worthy performance as that character. His transformation from a friendly small town teacher to a slandered, discredited, and beaten (physically and mentally) man is nothing short of heartbreaking. Yes, director Thomas Vinterberg (best known for the Dogme 95 movement) deserves much credit here for bringing the story to life, but without Mikkelsen’s performance, I’m not entirely sure this film would be receiving so much praise.   


Presentation: 2.35:1 1080p. How does it look? The cinematography is excellent here and so is this hi-def transfer.

Audio Track: Danish 5.1 DTS-HD. How does it sound? This is a pretty quiet film for the most part, but the track does the job.

* “The Hunt” trailer and other Magnolia title trailers.
* BD-Live capabilities.
* 4 outtakes/deleted/extended scenes.
* A much darker alternate ending. This would have been a more predictable route to go. I’m glad they stuck with the original ending.
* The making of “The Hunt” featurette contains film clips, cast and crew interviews, discussions about Mads Mikkelsen and the nightmarish plot, etc. A solid extra.

Overall Thoughts: “The Hunt” may not be subtle, but it’s an important piece of cinema nonetheless.


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