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The Mentalist Season 5 DVD Review

The Mentalist Season 5 DVD

Yes, “The Mentalist” is still on TV.

In the 22 episode season 5, Patrick Jane continues to work with the CBI (and Agent Teresa Libson). While the hunt for Red John is still the main story arc, there are also several other plots to be found here. Viewers can expect stories about: Patrick having a vision of his dead daughter, Wayne Rigsby getting into some trouble, Lorelei Martins, a villainous business man (Tommy Volker), the Visualize cult, Agent Rigsby and Grace Van Pelt becoming close, Red John murders, Patrick Jane narrowing his list of Red John suspects (whom he learns he has met), and murder investigations of a bank employee, a diamond cutter, TV journalist, real estate agent, botanist, model, college student, a medic, and an actor.

If you’ve ever seen an episode of “The Mentalist,” you will likely pick up on the fact that it’s a very routine procedural. Each episode usually contains a murder investigation of the week story and or a plot point about the ongoing Red John mystery. While the Red John storyline was initially the highlight of the series, that plot line has gone on for far too long. The arc has become so overblown now that I (and I’m sure many other viewers) don’t even care who he or she is. The show has clearly run its course as it has very little left to offer viewers aside from some closure in the inevitable series finale (whenever that may be).

On the plus side, the cast is in top form here. Simon Baker (who portrays Patrick Jane) and Robin Tunney (Teresa Libson) are likable leads as per usual. They both deserve so much better than this show. “Lost” veteran Henry Ian Cusick also shines (and steals scenes) as the Volker character. He too should be on to bigger and better things, but at least he’s getting roles.


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? “The Mentalist” is your standard well shot glossy CBS show.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? While nothing special, this DD track does the job.

* “The Artistry Of Action: From Script To Screen”- A discussion about stunts and action set pieces on the series, Simon Baker’s directorial work, scripting action scenes, behind-the-scenes footage of the making of certain scenes, etc.
* “Arresting Excitement: Keeping It Real With The CBI”- A featurette about creating realism and authenticity for the action, characters, and police/bureau procedures.

Overall Thoughts: If you are a fan of “The Mentalist” then by all means pick up the season 5 DVD set and check out the sixth season currently airing on CBS.

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