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Iron Man And Hulk: Heroes United Blu-ray Review

Iron Man and Hulk- Heroes United Blu-ray

“Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United” will entertain kids and bore adults.

The plot: After two HYDRA Doctors try to drain gamma radiation from Hulk and Abomination for a project (I won’t reveal what), their plan winds up backfiring when they accidentally create a powerful being known as Zzzax. In order to stop Zzzax from consuming the world’s energy, Iron Man and Hulk are forced to team-up to stop the electric life form from wreaking havoc.

While an animated movie featuring Hulk and Iron Man teaming up may sound enticing on paper, one shouldn’t get too excited by this team-up. Instead of being a fun tale that will appeal to Marvel character fans of all ages, “Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United” is a decidedly kiddy animated feature that is loaded with cringe worthy banter and one-liners between Iron Man and Hulk (and Hulk and Abomination). While that’s all well and good for younger viewers, there’s little here for the teen and adult crowd. Had ’Heroes United’ contained a solid plot and story, it may have worked. Alas, the story is very limited (to say the least) as it’s more concerned with cramming in an inordinate amount of action set pieces. The action is so frequent, in fact, that it becomes exhausting after a mere half hour (and the movie is 71 minutes).

Another major issue here is Adrian Pasdar’s voice acting of Tony Stark and Iron Man. While a respectable actor on screen, he is woefully miscast as the now iconic character. Pasdar simply cannot pull off the wit and charm that Robert Downey Jr. displays on screen (which is admittedly a tall order).

Note: In typical Marvel fashion, there is a scene after the credits that is clearly setting up a sequel.


Presentation: 1.78:1 1080p. How does it look? While the CGI animation isn’t exactly Pixar quality, it does look significantly sharper on Blu-ray compared to the DVD copy.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? There’s no question that this is a lively track. Between the Hulk smashes and the numerous explosions, the audio mix is positively action packed.

* Disney and Marvel trailers.
* Digital copy, DVD copy, a digital comic and a mail away Iron Man MiniMate figure.
* “Marvel Mash-Ups”- 3 segments of footage from various Marvel animated series with goofy new voice over dubs.
* “Marvel Team-Up With Ryan Penagos and Joe Quesada”- The two geek out about Marvel comics, characters and the multitude of team-ups.
* “Marvel Inter-Missions”- Whenever you press pause, this optional feature kicks in. Basically, it’s just a collection of silly Marvel Mash-Ups.

Overall Thoughts: Children may have a blast watching “Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United,” but, if you’re an adult, you’re better off just watching “The Avengers” again if you want to see Iron Man and Hulk together on screen.

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