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Doctor Who: Titans Vinyl Figures Series 2 and Cyberman Ornament Reviews

Doctor Who- Titans Vinyl Figures Series 2 Doctor Who- Cyberman Ornament

With the 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who” in full swing now, “Doctor Who” fever is sweeping the nation. Between the TV specials, new DVD releases, web content, and radio programs, there’s no shortage of excitement for Whovians right now. To add in on the fun, all sorts of licensees are putting out cool new “Doctor Who” merchandise including two recent products that I have procured for review.

First up, there is the second series set of the “Doctor Who” Titans Vinyl Figures. In case you aren’t familiar with this new toy line, it’s a blind box line of vinyl figures that are essentially caricatures of iconic DW aliens and characters. Priced at anywhere from $9.99 to $12, each box contains a mystery figure that could either be a Dalek, a Clockwork Robot, a Sontaran, Davros, Vashta Nerada, an Adipose, a Cyber Leader, Dalek Sec, a Weeping Angel, the TARDIS or the 10th Doctor. You don’t know what you get until you purchase and open the box. While the stylized figures and mystery box angle may annoy some fans (especially if you get doubles), I like not knowing what figure I will get. I find the mystery of it all to be wholly satisfying. In the two boxes I received, I did end up getting two of the same figure (Davros), but now I have one I can give to my girlfriend so that we can have matching Davros figures. It’s a win-win situation.

It should be mentioned that the series 1 line of Titans Vinyl Figures are also available for the same price range. That particular line includes the 11th Doctor, a Judoon, the TARDIS, Daleks, a Silurian, an Ood, Cybermen, and a Silent.  

The second item I received was not a toy, but a Christmas ornament. A beautifully detailed glass Cyberman head 4.25” ornament from the Kurt S. Adler company to be exact. For some, this may seem like a strange and random item, but as someone who has decorated Christmas trees with all sorts of sci-fi film and TV series related ornaments since I was a wee lad, it feels right at home for my next Christmas tree.

Of course, I realize some folks may not want to stick a giant Cybermen head on a branch. Some collectors want to just add to this to their ever growing “Doctor Who” collection and place it on a shelf (or case) filled with “Doctor Who” memorabilia. There might even be folks who strictly collect Cybermen merch only and must have this piece! Regardless of what you do with this $15-$22 ornament, it’s bound to please whoever buys it.

Overall Thoughts: You don’t need me to tell you that these are but a VERY few pieces of “Doctor Who” merchandise. It’s possible the vinyl figures and ornaments may be an instant buy for you (or perhaps a friend) and it’s possible they may not appeal to you. If you’re looking for something else entirely, head on over to http://www.bbcdoctorwhoshop.com/ where you will undoubtedly find something “brilliant.”

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