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Modern Family Season 4 Blu-ray Review

Modern Family Season 4 Blu-ray

The fourth season of “Modern Family” proves that the series isn’t as fun as it used to be.

Jay, Gloria, Manny, Phil, Claire, Alex, Luke, Haley and Mitchell and Cameron are back for another 24 episodes in season 4 of “Modern Family.” In this season, viewers can expect to see plots about Claire and Cam trying to flip a house, Mitchell and Cameron’s adventures in raising an adopted child (Lily), Haley going to college, Gloria struggling with pregnancy and raising a new child, Halloween, a yard sale, Haley being arrested,  a decathlon, multiple parties, babysitting, Gloria’s ex-husband Javier, and a death in the family.

The first season of “Modern Family” was a breath of fresh air as it brought life to the stale family sitcom genre. Alas, like any American sitcom that goes on and on for far too many seasons, the show has become a bit of a bore. Yes, the characters and cast remain likable, but the “chaotic life of the family” routine has become repetitious to say the least. Sure, the writers have included some character growth and added new characters here (two babies), but that just means there are more kids running around now and, really, who wants that?

On top of all of that, the show’s jokes, character squabbling, and stories have become tired. Simply put, it feels like the show’s premise and characters have been fully exhausted, but I’m sure ABC will continue to milk the show for another 3-5 years.


Presentation: 1.78:1 1080p. How does it look? The docu style cinematography is a little dizzying at times, but this is the sharpest the season has ever looked.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? This is a very music and dialogue centric and, as a result, there’s not a ton going on here audio wise. With that said, the 5.1 track does the trick.

* Over 6 minutes of deleted scenes.
* A slightly longer director’s cut of “Goodnight, Gracie.”
* A forgettable 10 ½ minute gag reel.
* “Modern Family Writers”- Interviews with writers such as Bill Wruber and Danny Zuker talking about stories and real life influences.
* “A Modern Guide To Parenting”- A montage of “parenting advice” scenes from the series.
* “A Day With Eric”- A day in the life video diary from actor Eric Stonestreet (Cameron on “Modern Family”).
* Commentary on “Party Crasher” and “Fulgencio” by Danny Zuker and Bill Wrubel. The liveliest and most informative commentaries on this set.
* Commentary on “Career Day” by Steven Levitan, Brad Walsh and Paul Corrigan. A pretty dull track in which the three mainly talk about characters, scenes, and things that influenced the episode.
* Commentary on “Goodbye, Gracie” by Steven Levitan and Jeffrey Richman. Zzzz.
* “An Addition To The Family”- Sofia Vergara talks about her character arc in this season.

Overall Thoughts: As the show’s fifth season progresses, it’s clear that people are still digging “Modern Family.” Personally, I think the show is a shell of its former self, but if you’re a fan of the series, you should be happy with this season 4 Blu-ray release.

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