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The Fright File: 150 Films To See Before Halloween Book Review

The Fright Files- 150 Films To See Before Halloween Book

“The Fright File: 150 Films To See Before Halloween” is an appealing horror film book.

With Halloween fast approaching, film fans everywhere are craving horror films (tis the season after all). If you’re one of those people who tire of watching the same old horror classics year after year, film critic Dustin Putman’s new book “The Fright File: 150 Films To See Before Halloween” might just come in handy.

While some people love to read period pieces or mysteries, I have always been a fan of film list books.  Even if I have seen every film mentioned in a list book, I find myself drawn to the reviews and or stories of why particular films mean so much to a critic or writer. In the case of “The Fright File,” it’s very evident that the horror genre has a real personal meaning to author Dustin Putman. Whether a film has a profound connection to his late brother or to his childhood, Putman proves that horror movies are much more than just mere entertainment.   

In terms of the actual content of the book, you’ll find films as early as 1922 (“Nosferatu”) to as recent as a few months ago with “You’re Next.” While the book does feature many of the beloved standard classics ala the original “Psycho,” “Halloween,” “Friday The 13th,” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” Putman also mentions several underappreciated masterpieces such as “Creepshow,” “Trick ‘r Treat,” “Timecrimes” and “Frozen” to name a few. While there are a few obscure titles here and there like “Trigger Man,” “The Eclipse,” and “Hellbent,” I do believe that a majority of the titles will be familiar to hardcore horror fans. This book is definitely designed more for fans who aren’t as familiar with the horror genre as say a horror film buff. Now, that doesn’t mean that horror aficionados can’t enjoy the book as well since there are plenty of well written and insightful reviews in this thick book. Putman displays an impressive amount of knowledge about cast members, directors, and even the history of a particular film.

As with any opinionated piece, there are bound to be choices you will disagree with and omissions that will leave you scratching your head. Personally, I’m still a bit baffled by Putman’s decision to include “Inland Empire,” “I Know Who Killed Me,” “Halloween 3: Season of the Witch,” “House of Wax” (2005), and the “Paranormal Activity” sequels in place of George Romero’s zombie films, the “Evil Dead” trilogy, “Blue Velvet,” and Universal Monster movies. With that said, Putman is, of course, entitled to his opinion and I respect his diverse choices. It wouldn’t be a very interesting read if I agreed with every single pick.

Overall Thoughts: Whether you’re looking for new horror films to watch or just want a good old fashioned film list book, “The Fright Files: 150 Films To See Before Halloween” is well worth picking up.

“The Fright File: 150 Films To See Before Halloween” is available to purchase on Amazon. A Kindle edition is also available.

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