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Sinbad Season 1 DVD Review

Sinbad Season 1 DVD

There’s a reason “Sinbad” only lasted one season.

After Sinbad accidentally kills Lord Akbari’s son in a fighting ring, Sinbad is imprisoned for his crimes. As punishment, Sinbad is forced to see his brother killed before his very eyes. Shortly thereafter, Sinbad manages to escape prison but encounters even more problem when his grandmother places a curse on him for his own good. The curse forces him to stay at sea. He is unable to stay on land for more than a day or else he dies. Seeing no way out of this situation, Sinbad stows away on a ship (the Providence) and soon finds himself befriending fellow crew members like Anwar, the Cook, Rina, Nala, and Gunnar. Of course, Sinbad still has to avoid escaping the clutches of the vengeful Akbari and Sorceress Taryn who are trying to hunt down Sinbad.

While on his newfound seafaring journey, Sinbad and company encounter Water Thieves (led by Queen Razia), gamblers, Death (don’t’ ask), Khaima warriors, Basra guards, a mysterious woman named Roisin, an alleged deity named Kuji, Taryn’s daughter (Alehna), supply issues on board Providence, Sinbad’s grandmother in peril, magic, character deaths and departures, Sinbad’s destiny, the Land of the Dead, a bounty hunter (Tiger), monsters (like a serpent), the Fiend and Guardians.

After the success of reimagined character series such as “Smallville,” “Merlin,” and “Spartacus,” Sky1 jumped on the bandwagon to create a series revolving around the iconic character of “Sinbad.” Unlike the shows listed above, however, “Sinbad” never lasted multiple seasons nor did it have much of a fanbase.

Aside from some passable CGI (see the sea demon and cities) and some inspired sets and location shooting, it’s not hard to see why “Sinbad” failed as it feels like the type of cheap and cheesy syndicated shows from the 90’s ala “Hercules.” First of all, the writing is atrocious. The series barely resembles the Sinbad that people know and, worse than that, the episodes are littered with embarrassing plot devices such as the amulet curse and the overdone monster of the week formula. It doesn’t help that the star (Elliot Knight) is completely out of his element here. Not only is he not leading man material (at least based on this), but he doesn’t fit the role of Sinbad at all. The only cast member who gets a pass here is Naveen Andrews (of “Lost” fame) who plays Lord Akbari.


Presented in widescreen, the series looks visually pleasant on DVD. It should be noted that this series is also available on Blu-ray (which should no doubt look even better).

The Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track is pretty pitiful. The dialogue sometimes sounds a bit low and even a bit tinny in case of the first episode. This is easily one of the weakest tracks I have encountered as of late.

* Trailer for “Doctor Who.”
* “The Magic Of Sinbad”- A well rounded featurette that features cast and crew interviews and discussions about the series, magic, the Sinbad character, other characters, the world these characters inhabit, etc.
* “The Magic Of Malta”- A featurette about the country of Malta and locations in which “Sinbad” was filmed.
* “The Magical Costumes Of Sinbad”- Self-explanatory.

Overall Thoughts: “Sinbad” is a flat-out lackluster fantasy series. Skip this one, folks.

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