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Slightly Single In LA Blu-ray Review

Slightly Single In LA Blu-ray

“Slightly Single In LA” is chock-full of bad clichés.

After having continuously bad luck with men (3 ex-boyfriends cheated on her), Dale decides to move to LA to find a meaningful relationship. At first, her luck doesn’t change at all as she becomes involved with a hypersexual Italian man named J.P.. After that, however, Dale bumps into an old friend (Zach) who happens to be a major rock star now. We quickly discover that she knew him before he became a celeb and it’s also quite apparent that the two dig each other. Of course, Dale has to get over her baggage before she can decide what she truly wants out of life. I’m sure you can fill in the rest.

What could have been an honest and funny movie about finding love in LA turns into nothing more than a series of “been there, done that” movie moments. There’s not a single moment of ‘Single’ that feels emotionally true to life. Every character feels like a clichéd cartoon of Hollywood types. All that the one-dimensional characters ever do is bicker, whine, talk about sex (and men) in bars, homes, and restaurants. The movie should have been called “Chit Chat” because that is virtually all that ever takes place in ‘Single.’ There’s little to no action, humor, plot, conflict, or surprises. The second Zach and Dale bump into each other, you know they are destined for each other and, as a result, the movie is on autopilot the rest of the way forward.

In terms of the cast, there’s not much to say about it. Lacey Chabert of “Mean Girls” and “Party of Five” fame is serviceable as Dale and Kip Pardue does the best he can with the very limited role of Zach. The fact that Chris Kattan shows up as the fiancé of Haylie Duff should tell you everything you need to know about this movie.


The fact that the film is presented in widescreen 1080p doesn’t hide the fact that this film is visually cheap looking.

The sound levels are wildly inconsistent on the 5.1 DTS-HD MA audio track. Sometimes the bad music and bad dialogue sound just right, at other times they sound too low.

Extras include Well Go USA trailers, a “Slightly Single In LA” trailer, and a featurette titled “Meet The Director” (which is basically just an interview with writer/director Christie Will).

Summary: “Slightly Single In LA” is the type of movie you’d find in the dollar bins. It’s an entirely lazy, safe, predictable, low budget rom-com. Skip it.

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