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BustedTees Movie Helmets Hoodie Review

Movie Helmets Hoodie

When it comes to the world of online T-shirt stores, there is no shortage of options. You can grab a daily t-shirt at Teefury or comb through cheap tees at 6 Dollar Shirts. Having ordered shirts from a number of sites over the years, however, I can say that one site towers over the competition. That site? www.bustedtees.com

I should start off by saying that I tend to wear film and TV related shirts, hoodies, and jackets on a daily basis. I have always done this and I probably always will. I’m not out to advertise a movie or show, but rather I like to celebrate something that I am passionate about. When I saw that Busted Tees had a hoodie that featured movie helmets, I knew that this was calling my name.

The $40 hoodie (which is also available in t-shirt and kids shirt form for $20 each) features images of 13 iconic character helmets. From top to bottom, there are pictures of helmets of the Rocketeer, Iron Man, Tron, the Red Power Ranger, Judge Dredd, Darth Vader, Witch King (from “Lord of the Rings”), Boba Fett, Maximum (from “Gladiator”), the Black Knight (from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”), Robocop, Predator, and Magneto from “X-Men.”

As a sci-fi geek through and through, this hoodie has everything I treasure in the world of geekdom. Not only was I thrilled to see the incredibly underrated Rocketeer (which I still say is the greatest comic book film to date), but the hoodie also has Boba Fett (my favorite “Star Wars” character since I was a child) and the uber-cool Tron helmet from the original 1982 film. In fact, there isn’t a bad pick in the bunch. I am a fan of ALL of these characters.

Geekyness aside, this is actually an impressive hoodie in its own right. The grey 100% cotton hoodie (with the usual front pockets and draw strong hood) has a California Fleece/American Apparel template that is surprisingly cozy. For the past year, I have been wearing a “Star Wars” jacket, but I think it’s safe to say I’ve found my new replacement here as this hoodie keeps you warm and insulated. Since fall and winter is indeed coming to my neck of the woods, this is definitely the perfect item to bundle up with.

Of course, I realize not all of you will share my passion with the movie helmet hoodie, but worry not as Busted Tees has a wide variety of hoodies AND t-shirts to choose from. The site has a plethora of video game, meme, and pop culture shirts as well as movie and TV related offerings like “Breaking Bad,” “Star Wars,” “Doctor Who,” “Pokemon,” and “Game of Thrones.”

To see their entire of shirts go to www.bustedtees.com

If you want a link to the above mentioned movie helmets hoodie, go here:


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