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Funko TMNT Michelangelo and Jack Skellington Plushie Reviews

Funko Jack Skellington POP Plushie Funko Pop TV TMNT Michelangelo Vinyl Figure

While many toy companies tend to put out products on an irregular basis, Funko bucks the trend by putting out new items rather frequently. More than that, however, Funko is continually acquiring new licenses for their various toy lines. One of the most recent acquisitions is “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (or TMNT for short).

Instead of focusing on the new incarnation of TMNT currently airing on Nickelodeon, Funko wisely choose the beloved 80’s animated series Turtles brand which many folks (including myself) find to be the quintessential televised TMNT. With this new license, Funko has produced 6 new vinyl figures for their Pop Television line. Naturally, 4 of the figures are the four turtles (Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Leonardo) while the other 2 are comprised of Splinter and the villainous Shredder. While I can’t speak for the quality of 5 of the vinyl figures, I can say that the Michelangelo vinyl figure is extremely well made (aside from a few misplaced paint speckles here and there). While the cutesy movable oversized head and black eyes may turn off hardcore heroes in a half shell purists, other TMNT fans will be pleased to see new products being produced for the classic animated series.

In typical vinyl figure form, the figure stands at 3 ¾ inches tall. Like all Pop vinyl figures I have seen, the attention to detail is top notch. All of the expected features are here including the belt (with the M initial), the orange bandanna, the orange bandages, and, yes, even Michelangelo’s trademark weapon (the nunchuks). Are they simplistic? Yes, but they’re still accurate versions of the iconic characters. At $11.99 each (or less depending on where you shop) they’re a definite bargain and they would undoubtedly would make for a great present for the Turtle fan on your shopping list.

It should be noted that there are alternate versions of the 4 Ninja Turtle Pop vinyl figures as well. Initially San Diego Comic Con exclusives, I have noticed that the metallic version of the 4 turtles have been popping up on sites like Amazon for $15 each.

In addition to the Pop vinyl figures, another key Funko product line is the plushies. As of right now, consumers can choose from a variety of plushie toys from such films and shows such as “The Wizard of Oz,” “The Walking Dead,” “Man of Steel,” “The Hobbit,” “The Simpsons,” and Disney’s cult classic “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

When it comes to film merchandise, few films have had such an explosion of merchandise such as Henry Selick and Tim Burton’s stop motion animated “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” While the film did fairly well at the box office, it didn’t exactly boast record breaking numbers. It wasn’t until home video and cable where the film became a cult holiday classic that has amassed legions of rabid fans. This first became apparent by the rise in merchandise at stores like Hot Topic. Now, 20 years after the film’s release, we are still seeing products from the film rolling out and Funko has produced a large number of TNBC toys including Wacky Wobblers, mini Pop figures, Pop vinyl figures, and the aforementioned plushies.

While more plushies could possibly be made down the line, there are currently 4 ‘Nightmare’ plushies which include Oogie Boogie, Vampire Teddy, Sally, and the one I received for review- Jack Skellington. At 7” tall, these are smaller plushes than some may be used to, but don’t let that deter you from buying one. Like all Funko products, it’s as equally adorable and detailed as say their Pop vinyl figures and, as an added bonus, the limbs actually move on these plushes. While the head cannot be moved ala a Pop vinyl figure, the legs and arms thankfully can.

In terms of the details, Jack is sporting his black with white stripes suit, black shoes, and his bat tie (although it’s not as massive as the one in the feature film). Unlike the turtle eyes, the big black eyes actually fit ol’ Jack and these eyes happen to be made out of dark black buttons. Like Jack’s character model, the Jack plush also has two nostril holes and a stitched mouth (both of which have been stitched themselves). The only thing that greatly differs from the character are the hands. Unlike his on screen counterpart, Jack does not sport white boney fingers but instead has white little paws. I’m sure this was done for production reasons, but it may bug people who are sticklers for details.

Summary: Having now reviewed 4 Funko products, it’s safe to say that they are masters of producing a wide variety of supremely well made licensed products. If you love TMNT or “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” you certainly have several options to choose from. If those 2 franchises aren’t your cup of tea, feel free to see what other licenses they have under their belt via their website at funko.com

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