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My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Blu-ray Review

My Little Pony- Equestria Girls Blu-ray

“My Little Pony: Equestria Girls” is a colossal misstep.

The plot: After Princess Twilight Sparkle has her crown stolen by Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle must venture into an alternate universe (with her trusty dragon sidekick Spike) in order to track it down. As she enters this new world, she discovers that Spike has become a dog and that she has been turned into a human teen. Now, Twilight Sparkle has to not only adapt to human behavior while trying to fit in at a local high school (Canterlot High), but she has to devise a way to get her crown back and get back home. Luckily, she finds help in the form of some new friends who look suspiciously familiar to ones back home. Unfortunately, her quest is easier said than done as Sunset Shimmer has her own evil plans.

The modern “My Little Pony” franchise has to be one of the strangest pop culture phenomenons in recent memory. Some fans of the 80’s toyline and toon absolutely detest this new incarnation while other fans (old and new) embrace this reboot to a fanatical level (see the Bronies for reference). However Pony fans may feel there’s no denying that the franchise’s popularity is back in full swing. As a result, Hasbro has decided to take things to the next level by producing a feature length film intended for select theaters, DVD and Blu-ray (due out August 6th) and an eventual Hub airing on September 1st. So, how does the film fare? I suspect opinions will greatly vary.

Having seen a number of episodes of the newest “My Little Pony” series, I can’t say I call myself a fan of the show, but I certainly didn’t find it to be loathsome by any stretch of the imagination. Some of the cutesy pop culture references and jokes were undeniably charming, but I still find myself puzzled by the fascination with the series. Now, one would be in the same vein as the show, but, to my surprise, it really is not. At all. If anything, “Equestria Girls” feels like “My Little Pony” meets “High School Musical” meets “The Wizard of Oz.” I understand Hasbro’s desire to mix things up storywise, but the idea of taking beloved Pony characters and making them human boggles the mind. It defeats the purpose of the show and it’s insulting to fans. They tune in for Ponies because it’s a unique brand. I doubt few want to see the show be (or imitate) something else as with “Equestria Girls.”

To add insult to injury, “Equestria Girls” is a really poorly scripted film. The “story” feels flimsy and slapped together, the teeny bopper musical numbers are forced and cringe worthy, and the end showdown with Sunset Shimmer is beyond stupid. The only real saving grace is that the movie only runs 72 minutes (although it feels longer).


Presented in 1.78:1 1080p, the film at least looks colorful and sharp. That’s really all the movie has going for it.

The 5.1 Surround track adds more depth to the voice acting and background sound F/X in comparison to the DVD copy so I would say it’s a satisfactory upgrade for sure.

* DVD copy and digital copy.
* Trailers for “Littlest Pet Shop” and “Hanazuki.”
* Karaoke for “Cafeteria Song” and “Friends For Life.”
* A printable poster.
* “Ponify Yourself.”
* “Through The Mirror”- A 3 part extra that covers the movie, the script for the movie, the characters, the animation style, and the dreadful songs. Interviews with the cast and crew and film clips are included.

Summary: While some “My Little Pony” fans will dig this film outing, many will no doubt be disappointed by this gross deviation from the current animated series. See at your own risk.

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