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Underground Toys: Doctor Who Product Reviews

TARDIS Mini Set Personalize Your Sonic Screwdriver Set Cyberman Action Figure

Underground Toys: Doctor Who Product Reviews

Since “Doctor Who” returned to the small screen in 2005, the show’s fanbase has grown with each passing year. As a result of this, Whovians have been clamoring to own merchandise from the show and who can blame them? The world of “Doctor Who” is full of “Fantastic!” gadgets, aliens, imagery, and characters and it definitely lends itself to all sorts of toys, shirts, and what not. Thankfully, the fans have no shortage of merchandise options thanks to the wide variety of products from Underground Toys, Character Options, and Character Builder. 

One of the most recent DW toy releases is the new range of action figures from the seventh series of “Doctor Who” which includes the Eleventh Doctor, a Weeping Angel, a Dalek, an Ice Warrior, Clara Oswald and, the toy I have for review here, the new Cyberman from the Neil Gaiman scripted episode “Nightmare in Silver.” Now, before I discuss the actual figure, I should address the action figure size. As some collectors already know, the previous lines of new “Doctor Who” figures were 5” while this new range of figures are significantly smaller at 3.75”. Now, I don’t know why the figures have shrunk down in size, but I have to assume it’s a production price issue. At any rate, the size of the figures may be an issue to some collectors as the new figures can look rather awkward when placed side by side with past figure releases. Case in point, I put this new Cyberman figure next to a second series Cyberman action figure and the older version looked like a Cyberking in comparison to this new release. If you can get past the size detail, however, I think you will find much to enjoy about this new toyline.

Personally, I like the new smaller sized figures because it reminds me of the vintage “Star Wars” figures of my youth. While the 5” figures may be preferable because that’s what most Whovians are accustomed, the quality of the figures has not diminished at all. In fact, I found that the level of detail is as good as it has ever been. I was especially impressed with the spine and the somewhat battered/used look to the arm and leg bendable Cyberman. Really, the only drawbacks here are the lack of accessories (aside from the obligatory DW logo stand) and the lack of a twistable Cyberman head.

If the action figure line doesn’t appeal to you, you may find yourself more drawn to the Lego style constructible series of toys. As someone who wanted to see this line of Who toys years prior to their actual release, I was elated to see them finally come to life. You literally can’t ask for a better constructible line of toys than this. From the addictive mystery bag mini figures to the nifty sets, these are the type of fun toys that transport you back to your youth.

On the subject of the sets, there is one such recent release that will undoubtedly catch the eye of Whovians. That set? The TARDIS Mini Set. In this set, you not only get two constructible mini figures (an Eleventh Doctor with a Sonic Screwdriver and a skirt wearing Amy Pond), but you also get a bundle of pieces, stickers, and a manual to make a TARDIS. Yes, you get to build a little TARDIS and it’s as cool as it sounds. At a mere $19.99, that is an absolute bargain (especially since the mini figures alone are generally $3.99 a piece). Hopefully, we will see even more mini figures and sets down the line. They certainly have a wide variety of characters and scenarios to choose from (especially if the producers delve more into classic “Doctor Who”).

Last, but not least, there is another line of toys that are tremendously popular with fans these days. I am, of course, talking about Sonic Screwdrivers. From the Sonic Screwdriver flashlights and pens to the replicas and universal remotes, there’s certainly a wide array of versions out there. While it may not be the best quality or consist of proper replicas, the “Personalize Your Sonic Screwdriver Set” may be the most entertaining. Comprised of three electronic Sonic Screwdrivers (one being the Eleventh Doctor’s and the other 2 being variations of what we have seen), this set allows you to mix and match parts to create your own plastic Sonic Screwdriver. While the non-cannonical Sonic Screwdrivers may cause some purists and hardcore collectors to scoff at this set, I think younger fans will have a blast at creating over 80 customizable variations (as the box boldly proclaims). I can definitely see this being a party toy for Whovians prior to the airing of a new episode.

 Note: If you ever get stuck in trying to build a Screwdriver with the emitters, pommels, grips, control sections and the electronic battery unit, I suggest consulting the manual (especially the back page) which is located inconveniently behind the cardboard back.

Summary: Whether you are an avid toy collector or a Whovian casually looking for a neat piece of merchandise, Underground Toys and its affiliates definitely offer up a variety of items like the aforementioned mini figures, action figures, toy Sonic Screwdrivers, and much more. Check out their products at Amazon, WhoNA, Suncoast, ToysRUs, comic book stores, Barnes and Noble, etc.

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