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Misfits Season 3 DVD Review

Misfits Season 3 DVD

The third time is not the charm for “Misfits.”

Picking up where season 2 left off, the third season of “Misfits” begins with Simon, Curtis, Kelly, and Alisha having new powers (I won’t reveal what). We are also introduced to a new character (Rudy) who can produce a double of himself (it’s easier to see than explain). Throughout the 8 episodes, viewers can expect to see stories about: the core group of characters winding back up in community service, a girl (Tanya) who can freeze time, Curtis getting back into sports and falling for a new gal, a comic book aficionado whose drawings become a reality, time travel and Nazis, body switching, Rudy contracting super powered STDs, Curtis having issues with his new power, zombies, ghosts, Seth (the power dealer), Superhoodie (Simon’s alias) and Simon and Alisha’s relationship.

Having enjoyed season 1, but not so much season 2, I was starting to wonder if the show would have been better as a one off. Additionally, I felt the departure of Nathan’s character at the end of season was a major concern going into the series third season. My concern turned out to be justified as the show definitely lacks his presence.

While the new character on the block (Rudy) may have a neat ability, he is unfortunately rather annoying. While he tries to be the comedic equivalent of Robert Sheehan’s Nathan character, he’s an overall poor replacement for the irreplaceable character. In fact, I would have much rather seen the Tanya character from the season premiere as a main character instead. She was far more likable than most of the cast!

The real drawback for the third season though was the rather outlandish plots involving everything from an STD to Nazis. While it’s commendable to see the writers mix it up a bit after a rather lackluster season 2, the show has completely drifted from the debut season. It’s as if the writers have forgotten what made the show work and are trying to stuff in weird genre tropes like time travel and zombies just to be hip and relevant.


Presented in widescreen, this is a decent albeit unspectacular looking show. Given the show’s cult popularity, I’m rather surprised there hasn’t been a Blu-ray release yet to be honest.

The Dolby Digital Stereo track could be more impactful, but it does the job.

* Trailers for “Orphan Black,” “Doctor Who” Series 7 Part 2, “Copper,” and “Death In Paradise.”
* The “Vegas Baby!” webisode featuring Nathan in Las Vegas with Marnie and her child. Naturally, Nathan is up to no good.
* The “Erazer” webisode revolving around a graffiti artist sending Rudy to a parallel universe.
* “Stunts” and “Visual Effects”- Featurettes about, you guessed it, stuntwork and F/X.
* “Behind The Scenes” segments for all 8 episodes that include cast and crew interviews, set footage, show clips, story and character discussions, etc.

Summary: If Nathan was the only reason you watched this show, don’t bother with season 3.

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