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Ben 10: Omniverse- Heroes Rise DVD Review

Ben 10- Omniverse- Heroes Rise DVD

“Ben 10: Omniverse” is slightly better than the original series. Continue reading

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Legend of the Five Rings: Emperor Edition-Gempukku Starter Deck Reviews

Legend of the Five Rings- Emperor Edition

Card gamers who enjoy sophisticated and lengthy gaming sessions will find much to admire about “Legend of the Five Rings.”

When it comes to Collectible Card Games (AKA CCG), the ever popular “Magic The Gathering” tends to be the first game to come to mind mainly because it has been around the longest (20 years to be exact). While other CCG games in the 90’s and early 00’s such as “Star Wars CCG” and “Star Trek CCG” had loyal fans, the CCG genre has sadly faded in popularity aside from a few longlasting titles such as the aforementioned MTG and “Pokemon” (which is technically a TCG). One such title that has stood the test of time, however, is the cult favorite “Legend of the Five Rings” which is currently celebrating its 18th anniversary. “Legend of the Five Rings” (or L5R as it sometimes known as) may not have the marketing push or public awareness that other major game franchises do, but this game has unquestionably developed a rabid and passionate fanbase (and tournament scene) over the years. For those that are unaware, L5R is an Asian-fantasy infused CCG set in which 9 clans (Spider, Lion, Mantis, Crane, Crab, Dragon, Phoenix, Scorpion, and Unicorn) engage in power struggles in the fictional land of Rokugan. The award-winning game has had countless expansions over the course of the past 18 years, but the latest expansion (that I am reviewing here) is titled “Emperor Edition- Gempukku.”

So, what exactly makes L5R stand out from other CCG competitors? Read on to find out. Continue reading

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