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The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse Blu-ray Review

The Amazing Adventures Of The Living Corpse Blu-ray

“The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse” is an unwatchable comic book movie.

Based on the Dynamite Entertainment horror comic book series “The Living Corpse,” “The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse” revolves around a recently deceased father (John Romero) who awakens from the grave as a zombie and eats his wife and daughter. After his son (Taylor) begs his father not to kill him, John becomes aware that he is a zombie and vows to protect his son. Unfortunately, Taylor is soon whisked away to a boarding school thereby separating him from his father. From there on out, the movie jumps around awkwardly through time as John searches for his son, battles undead creatures from the Wretched underworld, and tries to stop a mad scientist Dr. Brainchild from bringing the dead back to life.

As a reviewer, I tend to find something to admire in just about every film I see. “The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse” is a rare instance in which I see nothing of merit. Right off the bat, the cheaply made CGI animation that wouldn’t be worthy of a video game cut scene was offputting. The work from Rapscallion Animation was the definition of amateur as the unnatural, jerky, movements and expressions of the lifeless character models were tough to watch.  Add in the clumsy directorial style which features lots of shaky cam shots, zooms, and dutch angles and you’re left further annoyed by what you are seeing from a visual standpoint.

Sadly, the script doesn’t help matters either. Having previously read an issue of “The Living Corpse” prior to seeing the film, I can certainly say the source material is far better than what we see on screen. The film adaptation throws in far too many subplots that do not jive well together. The film also seems to lack anything remotely resembling a transition as scenes sometimes appear without reason (see the Wretched creatures appearing in the human world for no apparent reason or the random jump to the future with an adult Taylor). It’s all simply a slap in the face to both the fans of the comics as well as the comic’s creators Buz Hasson and Ken Haeser.   


The CGI animated feature, which is presented in 1.78:1 1080p, may look its best in 1080p, but the clunky shortcomings of the animation are clearly highlighted in hi-definition. Make of that as you will.

From the bad voice acting to the lazy score, the Dolby TrueHD 5.1 is underwhelming through and through.

The only extras are trailers for other Anchor Bay titles and a digital copy of “The Living Corpse: Haunted” comic.

Summary: “The Amazing Adventures Of The Living Corpse” ranks up there with “Elektra” as a comic film that should never be seen. Let’s just hope we never see a sequel…

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