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Mel Brooks: Make A Noise DVD Review

Mel Brooks- Make A Noise DVD

“Mel Brooks: Make A Noise” is an entertaining documentary that leaves you wanting more.

“Mel Brooks: Make A Noise,” which is a part of the PBS American Masters series, is a special that celebrates the life and work of, you guessed it, Mel Brooks. Via interviews with Brooks as well as friends and collaborators like Joan Rivers, Nathan Lane, Rob and Carl Reiner, Tracey Ullman, Neil Simon, Barry Levinson, Matthew Broderick and others, viewers get insight into a variety of aspects that are a part of Brooks life such as humor, WWII, Sid Caesar, marriages and family, emotional complications, his directorial films, “The 2000 Year Old Man,” religion, “Get Smart,” Anne Bancroft, Gene Wilder, Brooklyn, Brooksfilms, and the incredibly popular “The Producers” Broadway musical. The film is primarily comprised of interview footage mixed with film clips and or archival television appearances.

If you’ve ever been a fan of Mel Brooks, there’s a lot to enjoy about this documentary. Despite the scattershot structure which sometimes oddly bounces around from subject to subject, Mel Brooks never ceases to entertain as he (or someone else) relays stories from his past. Whether he’s talking about his personal relationship with Anne Bancroft or talking about the success of “Spaceballs,” there’s never a dull moment here. In fact, the only disappointing part of this documentary is the 84 minute length. This is the type of documentary that you actually want to be longer. I understand it needed to be condensed for TV, but why not release a longer version here on DVD? The docu skims through so many topics that you can’t help but feel short changed by how much more insight we could have gotten. Even the ending feels abrupt with Mel Brooks just up and leaving in his limo. Sure, it may have been staged, but it was still a strange ending to be sure.


The documentary, which is presented in widescreen, varies in quality due to the variety of footage. The newly shot interviews obviously look the sharpest here while the film and archival clips vary in quality depending on the year of release.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track delivers clear sounding films clips and interviews. That’s all you can really ask of from a documentary.

The only extra is nearly 17 minutes of outtakes which contains discussions about Mel Brooks’ aunt and mother, Mel and Carl, casting, producers, “The Producers,” and more.

Summary: Despite being too short, ‘Make A Noise’ works as both a bio and a tribute to the hilarious writer/director. Now, if only Mel Brooks would make a new film again…

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