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Animaniacs Volume 4 DVD Review

Animaniacs Volume 4 DVD

“Animaniacs” is and always will be one of the best 90’s toons.

In the final 24 episodes of the cult classic toon “Animaniacs,” viewers can expect to see plenty of wacky, quick witted, pop culture reference filled adventures of the Warner Brothers (Yakko and Wakko), the Warner Sister (Dot), as well as appearances by the other main cast of characters such as Pinky and the Brain, Dr. Otto, Ralph, Slappy and Skippy the Squirrels, Hello Nurse, Mindy and her protective dog Buttons, Rita and Runt, Colin, Chicken Boo, The Godfeathers (pidgeons), the Hip Hippos, and, not to be forgotten, Mr. Skullhead. Plots you can expect to see in this fourth volume: magic, character cameos (keep an eye out for Freakazoid and the Tasmanian Devil), a 2 parter with the Warners making a movie, a clip show special, and spoofs of film noir, Disney, Peter Lorre, Steven Spielberg, “Star Trek,” “2001,” musicals, Betty Boop, “Looney Tunes,” “American Gladiators,” “The Wizard of Oz,” “The Sound of Music,” “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest,” “Friends,” and  the“Macarena.”

Unlike many modern cartoons, “Animaniacs” appealed to both adults and kids alike. The fast paced stories, catch phrases, educational songs (about bones, time zones, etc.) and slapsticky humor were highly entertaining to a younger generation while the adults were more charmed by the sarcastic humor and clever pop culture spoofs. More than that though, the show just had lovable characters that had mass appeal. These characters don’t scream, whine, and shout loudly in your ears as so many cartoons these days do. Instead, they just make you laugh. How can you not snicker at Pinky’s “Narf” or Wakko’s “Hellooooo Nurse?”

I could go on and on about any number of reasons to pick up this set whether it be Wakko’s hand fart song in “The Return of the Great Wakkorotti,” the mock “Pinky and the Ralph” spin-off, or the hilarious “Star Trek” parody in “Star Truck.” Really though, you should just watch the vast array of animated segments for yourself. Pick up this disc and get lost in some nostalgic 90’s goodness or (if you’ve never seen it before), experience the show for the first time. “K. Bye.”


While it’s nice to get the episodes on disc, it’s a shame to see the episodes presented as they were on TV (in fullscreen). I know it’s probably not cost efficient to remaster a lot of the catalogue titles, but it would have been nice to see “Animaniacs” cleaned up a bit.

The Dolby Digital Stereo track delivers clear sounding sound f/x and voice acting (which is all you really need).

The only extras are Warner, DC and “Scooby-Doo” trailers.


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