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Superman: Unbound Blu-ray Review

Superman- Unbound Blu-ray

“Superman: Unbound” is anything but super.

“Superman: Unbound” is the latest DC animated feature that is conveniently being released before the upcoming “Man of Steel” film. In this animated outing based on the “Superman: Braniac” comic series, Superman, Supergirl, and Lois Lane encounter Braniac and his robotic soldiers. Braniac (who has kidnapped Kandor and the Kryptonians who live there) is creating havoc across the galaxy as he gathers knowledge and specimens from planets before he destroys them. It’s up to Superman and his cousin Kara (Supergirl) to try and stop his evil agenda.

If you have viewed all of the DC animated films over the years, you’d know that they are pretty hit-and-miss. Some of them are fantastic (“Batman: Year One” and “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths”) and some of them are better left unseen (“Batman: Gotham Knight” and “Green Lantern: First Flight”). Sadly, ‘Unbound’ falls into the latter category.

While the film attempts to deliver some characterization between Lois and Clark, writer Bob Goodman seems far more concerned with focusing on long, drawn out battles between Braniac and Superman. Admittedly, these DC animated features are traditionally heavy on action sequences, but they usually leave a little room for character interactions and development. Alas, we don’t get that much here which causes ‘Unbound’ to wear out its welcome in the first 15 minutes.

On the plus side, actor/voice actor Matt Bomer shows he can make Superman/Clark Kent come alive. He is definitely the highlight of ‘Unbound,’ but it’s a shame he didn’t have better material to work with. Hopefully he will be considered for a future animated Superman project.


The animated feature film, which is presented in 1.78:1 1080p, suffers from a bland animation style. With that said, it certainly looks superior in hi-def compared to DVD thanks to the crisp and clear colors. On the downside, the animation flaws are more noticeable in 1080p as well though.

Whether you like the film or not, you can’t deny that the 5.1 DTS-HD MA sounds impressive. ‘Unbound’ is an action-packed movie and the speakers are put to work from start to finish.

* Ultraviolet digital copy and DVD copy.
* Warner and DC trailers.
* A digital comic excerpt from the “Superman: Braniac” comic that ‘Unbound’ is based off of.
* 4 episodes from “Superman: The Animated Series.” The titles: “The Last Son of Krypton” part 1, “New Kids In Town,” and “Little Girl Lost” parts 1 and 2.
* “Braniac: Technology and Terror”- A featurette about the history of Braniac in the comics and other media.
* “Kandor: History of the Bottle City”- A featurette about Krypton, Kandor and the bottle city story aspect. Not sure an entire featurette should be devoted to this, but it’s here regardless.
* Commentary by James Tucker, Bob Goodman and Mike Carlin. They don’t have much to say.

Summary: “Superman: Unbound” feels like a rejected story from “Superman: The Animated Series.” It’s simply a dull, poorly scripted story. If you want to see a good DC animated film featuring Superman, I suggest picking up “Superman: Doomsday” instead.

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