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Chance in a Million- Complete Collection DVD Review

Chance In A Million- Complete Collection DVD

“Chance in a Million” is an amusing one joke sitcom.

In this 18 episode (three series) 80’s British sitcom, the story revolves around the characters of Tom Chance and Alison Little. In the first episode, Alison sets out to meet her cousin (who she hasn’t seen in years) while Tom is set up on a blind date. The two predictably run into one other and each of them thinks they are the person that they aren’t. Eventually, the truth is revealed and the two decide to go out on a date. Even though Tom’s life is a series of problematic coincidences, Alison begins to fall for him anyway. As you can guess, the bulk of the series involves Tom being at the wrong place at the wrong time while his relationship with Alison grows. Other episode plots involve: multiple mistaken identities (involving Tom), Alison’s cousin, drug traffickers, funerals, Alison’s family, bank troubles, a birthday party, Alison staying with Tom, a taxman, a wedding, a trip gone horribly awry, an engagement ring, Tom winning prizes, a visit with a Reverend, Tom’s relatives, and Tom and Alison becoming engaged and having a wedding (maybe).

If you don’t mind watching a formulaic, one joke sitcom, you might have fun with “Chance in a Million” (at least the early episodes). Obviously, the gimmicky premise wears off as the show progresses, but you might not mind it thanks to the stand-out performance by actor Simon Callow (best known for “Amadeus” and “Four Weddings and a Funeral”). Callow, who portrays the quirky, dopey, cartoony, outspoken Tom, is the sole reason the show works. His great comedic timing and believable chemistry with actress Brenda Blethyn (“Secrets and Lies” and the recent “Pride and Prejudice”) drives the show. Blethyn, who plays the quiet, shy, and sometimes surprising Alison, has the less showy part, but she holds her own when it comes to the series sillier scenes.


The series, which is presented in fullscreen, isn’t the sharpest looking British sitcom. The picture can be blurry, the colors are faded, the frame is jumpy in spots, and there’s even a tiny little box in the right hand corner of the screen in the first episode (I have no idea what it is).

The Dolby Digital track delivers clear sounding dialogue and laugh tracks which is all you can ask of from a catalogue series like this.

* Acorn trailers.
* An alternate pilot episode with different gags, cast members, and jokes.
* A text note from actor Simon Callow talking about “Chance In A Million.”
* Commentary on “The Taxman Cometh,” “Naming The Day,” “Good-bye, Mr. Henstridge,” and “The Wedding” by Simon Callow, Andrew Norriss, and Richard Fegen (Callow doesn’t appear in “The Wedding” track however). Discussions range from the theme song, the character of Tom, casting, and scripts.

Summary: Whether Tom is talking his way out of a bad situation or having extremely bad luck, there’s likely something here to make you laugh. It may not be a classic British series by any means, but it’s worth a watch if you’re in the mood for a comedy.

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