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Men Of A Certain Age Season 2 DVD Review

Men of a Certain Age Season 2 DVD

“Men of a Certain Age” is watchable, but not exactly appointment TV.

In the 12 episode second season of the short lived TNT dramedy, the show further explores the lives of Joe, Owen, and Terry whose lives haven’t worked out the way they hoped. Joe still dreams of becoming a pro golfer, Owen now manages his father’s auto dealership, and struggling actor Terry now works for Owen. Other key plots (and themes) involve: Age, change, marriage issues, ridicule, parental problems, dating, fatherhood, the dealership and party store businesses, Joe’s former bookie, colonoscopies, friendship, relationships, and softball.

While I appreciate seeing a non-medical or cop show for an older demographic, “Men of a Certain Age” is a mixed bag. Rather than being a more mature series about mid-life men, ‘Men’ relies heavily on clichés and melodramatic soul searching. The show never feels authentic enough to truly invest in as we are constantly subjected to stagey sitcom esque settings (such as the trio’s restaurant) where the characters conveniently discuss their problems.  

Thankfully, the cast makes the show watchable. I was never a fan of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” but I have to say Ray Romano is a much stronger actor when he’s not in a sitcom. You can tell that this show is partially personal for him and it shows in his layered acting performance. As for the other two main cast members (Scott Bakula and Andre Braugher), they are both predictably good here. The two stars are veteran actors and they always impress in what they do.


The series, which is presented in widescreen, has rather lousy handheld cinematography and, as a result, it doesn’t look too flattering on DVD. I know there probably isn’t a market for a Blu-ray release, but it would no doubt look better than this.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track is fine. This is very much a dialogue centric series and there’s not much else going on audio wise.

* “Featurette: The Bitter/Sweet 50”- A standard featurette about the series and its themes and stories.
* Commentary tracks on: “If I Could, I Surely Would” by Ray Romano, Mike Royce, Jon Manfrellotti, and Bridget Bedard, “Same As The Old Boss” by Ray Romano, Mike Royce, and Ken Blankstein, “Cold Calls” by Ray Romano, Lew Schneider, Bridget Bedard, and Mike Royce, “The Bad Guy” by Ray Romano, Sian Heder, Ken Blankstein and Mike Royce, “And Then The Bill Comes” by Ray Romano, Jon Manfrellotti, Bridget Bedard, and Mike Royce, “Let The Sunshine In” by Ray Romano, Mike Royce and Tucker Cawley, “The Great Escape” by Ray Romano, Lew Schneider, Jon Manfrellotti, and Mike Royce, and “The Pickup” by Ray Romano, Mike Royce and Ken Blankstein, “A Leagye Of Their Own” by Ray Romano, Mike Royce, Tucker Cawley, “Can’t Let That Slide” by Ray Romano, Lew Schneider and Mike Royce, “Whatever Gets You Through The Night” by Ray Romano, Jon Manfrellotti, Bridget Bedard, and Mike Royce, and “Hold Your Finish” by Ray Romano, Bridget Bedard and Mike Royce. The tracks are lively and filled with information with behind-the-scenes details, but mostly, there’s a lot of back patting and praise for the cast and crew.
* A pretty amusing 9 ½ minute gag reel.
* “Scarpula Rap Video”- A Scarpulla car dealership commercial.
* “One On One”- Ray Romano chats about the show and the characters.
* “Favorite Scenes”- Bakula, Romano and Braugher briefly mention their favorite moments of the show.
* Nearly 47 minutes of deleted scenes from both seasons.

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