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Hitchcock Blu-ray Review

Hitchcock Blu-ray

“Hitchock” is an involving, funny, and fascinating biopic.

“Hitchcock” is a partially fictionalized account of the famed director’s life that explores Hitchock’s problematic quest to bring the controversial “Psycho” to the big screen as well as his complex relationship with his wife Alma.

As someone who has grown tired of award bait biopics over the past few decades, it was refreshing to see that “Hitchock” had a very different style to it. Instead of being a serious minded, in-depth biopic of an artist as with “Ray,” “Hitchock” is rather quirky and focuses on just a brief period of the career and life of the Master of Suspense. The film is stuffed with clever and humorous references, homages, and facts about Hitch’s career, life, work, and inspirations. At the heart of the film though, the main story is about the relationship between Alfred and his wife Alma (despite what the trailers and advertising show). We learn about their relationship, their work collaboration as well as their relationship issues. As we saw in more depth in the HBO film, “The Girl,” Hitch could apparently be rather jealous and sleazy which led to complications between he and Alma. This side of Hitchcock is explored in “Hitchock” as well, but it’s not the primary focus.

On the subject of Hitchcock and Alma, I have to say that Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren are superb here. While some may say Hopkins is rather Hopkins esque, he still does a good job portraying the director. The award nominated make-up work certainly helps his cause too. Helen Mirren, who garnered awards attention and praise for her role as Hitchock’s wife Alma, once again shines (which should came as no surprise).


The film, which is presented in 2.40:1 1080p, offers the typical Blu-ray clarity that you have come to expect. This is especially evident in the location shooting and the makeup work done to Anthony Hopkins.

From Danny Elfman’s score to Hopkins’ Hitchock voice, this 5.1 DTS-HA MA audio track is flat-out sharp.

* DVD copy and digital copy.
* Fox trailers including a theatrical one for “Hitchcock.”
* A single deleted scene.
* “Becoming The Master: From Hopkins To Hitchcock”- A featurette about the make-up work and Hopkins own transformation into Hitchcock.
* “Obsessed With Hitchcock”- A making of docu that covers Hitch’s career, how Sacha Gervasi got the directing job, the script, the cast, and much more.
* “Hitch and Alma”- A brief piece about the married couple.
* “Hitchcock Cell Phone PSA”- A theatrical anti-text ad.
* “The Story”- The title says it all.
* “The Cast”-A featurette on the cast.
* “Danny Elfman Maestro”-A brief behind-the-scenes look at Elfman scoring the film.
* “Remembering Hitchcock”-Nearly 5 minutes of interviews with former cast and crew members that worked with Alfred Hitchcock.

* “Sacha Gervasi’s Behind-The-Scenes Cell Phone Footage”- A variety of footage the director shot of Hopkins’ face mold, cast members, sets, locations, a bird, a car, costumes, and crew members.
* Commentary by Sacha Gervasi and Stephen Rebello. A fun, informative, and enthusiastic commentary.

Summary: “Hitchcock” is well worth seeing.

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