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Maigret: Complete Collection DVD Review

Maigret- Complete Collection DVD

“Maigret” is an admirable detective series.

“Maigret,” which is based on Georges Simenon’s series of books, was a 12 episode ITV series revolving around the adventures of a detective named Jules Maigret living in 1950’s Paris. At home, Jules is a devoted husband to Madame Maigret, but when he’s at work, he’s a serious, dedicated, grumbling, smart, even tempered, pipe smoking detective. Throughout the 12 episodes, Maigret investigates murders of a crime boss, a missing Doctor’s wife, a postal worked, a countess, an apartment resident, a strangled woman, an old man, and a childhood friend’s girlfriend. He also takes on cases involving a serial killer, a stripper with information about a planned murder, and a missing report about a brutal and tragic accident. Maigret also becomes accused of indecent behavior by a young girl as well.

Unlike today’s fast-paced, stylized, inaccurate detective/police procedurals, “Maigret” looks and feels very authentic. The action is very minimal here as most of the drama involves interrogations and meticulous crime investigations. For some, this storytelling approach may come off as dry and slow paced, but if you’re accustomed to British detective (and or mystery) series, this will certainly appeal to you. Yes, the material may not be anything revelatory, but you’ll likely find yourself invested in the plot set-up for “Maigret and the Burglar’s Wife” and or engaged by the guest performances of Michael Sheen and Minnie Driver in “Maigret and the Nightclub Singer.”

Of course, the real reason to watch this series is for star Michael Gambon who portrays the legendary Jules Maigret. Gambon (best known as the second Dumbledore from the “Harry Potter” films) makes acting seem effortless here as he carries the show on his back. Had we (the audience) not been fascinated by his portrayal of Maigret, the show would have never worked (or would have been profoundly boring). Thankfully, that is not the case.


The 1992 series, which is presented in fullscreen, is a bit on the fuzzy side, but looks better than you’d expect from an early 90’s series.

The Dolby Digital Mono audio track is surprisingly clear for a Mono track. Sure, it doesn’t have the depth of a 5.1 track, but it still does the job.

The only extras are Acorn DVD trailers and a booklet featuring information about author Georges Simenon, the Jules Maigret character, and the 1992 “Maigret” TV series.

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