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The Package Blu-ray Review

The Package Blu-ray

“The Package” fails to deliver in any way, shape, or form.

The plot: A mumbling, ex-military enforcer (Tommy) is asked by his employer (a Mob boss named Big Doug) to deliver a package to a man known as The German (how original). Needing to pay off his jailed brother’s debts, Tommy takes on the job without question as he figures it will be a simple job. Of course, nothing goes right for poor Tommy as he becomes hunted down by gangsters. Has Big Doug sent Tommy to his death or does the mysterious “The German” have something against Tommy? Will you even care what happens once the plot twist is revealed?  

Having been recently paired with Steven Seagal in the laughable “Maximum Conviction,” the ever lifeless Steve Austin now shares the screen with action icon Dolph Lundgren. While the gimmicky “The Expendables” may be a proper vehicle for Lundgren, Austin, and other aging action stars, it’s getting rather tiresome to see these faces popping up in forgettable and cheaply made direct to DVD action titles. While I’m sure these DVD titles do well with the star’s fanbases (and in international markets), they’re really a chore to sit through. It’s hard to maintain interest in a predictable, happy ending story that is so visibly slapped together. It doesn’t help that the action is generally pathetic and that the dialogue is cringe worthy (“Please man, I’m dying here”).

As for Lundgren and Austin, they’ve all had better work. Lundgren, who is looking a tad old and slow these days, is the highlight of the whole thing (even though he isn’t given much to work with). Whether he’s rambling about martinis and smoothies or spraying bullets, he at least seems to be enjoying himself. Austin, meanwhile, looks as he does in every film I have seen him in- emotionless. He may have been a huge wrestling personality, but he’s not a movie star. To be honest, I am baffled as to how he keeps starring in movies.  


The action flick, which is presented in 1.78:1 1080p, looks better than this movie deserves. The transfer is particularly leagues better than the DVD in terms of color clarity.

The Dolby TrueHD 5.1 contains loud music, loud mumbling, and loud action. That’s really all you can ask for from a film like this.

The only extras are Anchor Bay film trailers and a DVD copy.

Summary: If you are a fan of Lundgren and or Austin, you might want to give this a rent. Otherwise, this package isn’t worth opening (pun intended).

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