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Nobody Walks Blu-ray Review

Nobody Walks Blu-ray

“Nobody Walks” is a boring and forced melodrama.

The plot: A young artist named Martine stays with a ritzy family in Silver Lake to complete her film project. Peter (the father of the family) helps Martine on her film, but he soon finds himself developing feelings for her. Peter isn’t the only one having sexual feelings, however, as Peter’s daughter (Kolt) has her eye on Peter’s assistant David (and her private Italian tutor) while Peter’s therapist wife is tempted by a wealthy patient. Basically, it’s all about a house full of people with problems sexual or otherwise.

With “Nobody Walks,” the “voice of a generation” (AKA Lena Dunham) has co-written another character drama project about, you guessed it, sex. While Dunham may be finding success with the inescapable TV series “Girls,” nobody has been talking about “Nobody Walks” and it’s not hard to see why. ‘Walks’ could have been a poignant drama about sex, change, cheating, and finding yourself, but it turns out to be a vague bore. The script is filled with underdeveloped characters wandering in and out of scenes with absurdly forced situations. In fact, very little feels real in this ritzy art world that these horny, weak-willed characters inhabit.

On the plus side, the cast certainly gives their all with the material they are given. The cute and charming Olivia Thirby shines as Martine while John Krasinsky turns out to be the real surprise here as Peter. I’m so used to seeing a dopey, mugging, smarmy Krasinski that it seemed shocking to me that he could take on a serious role convincingly.


The film, which is presented in 1.78:1 1080p, looks a bit too grainy for my taste, but the colors at least look sharp here.

The 5.1 DTS-HD MA works well with the sound specific film parts of the film, but there’s not much going on audio wise aside from that. With that said, it still does the job.

* “Nobody Walks” theatrical trailer and other Magnolia film trailers.
* Martine’s pretentious short film “Scorpio.”
* BD-Live capabilities.
* A single deleted scene.
* Interviews with director Ry Russo-Young and actress Olivia Thirby.
* A standard AX TV featurette titled “A Look At Nobody Walks.”

Summary: Unless you are a devoted Lena Dunham fan, skip “Nobody Walks.”

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