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Doctor Who: The Ambassadors Of Death DVD Review

Doctor Who- The Ambassadors Of Death DVD

“The Ambassadors Of Death” ranks as one of the worst DW episodes.

In this 7 part adventure, the third Doctor and Liz Shaw become embroiled in a plot involving the Mars Probe 7 losing communication, missing astronauts, humans collaborating against space control, U.N.I.T., an alien ship, radiation, and kidnapped aliens/ambassadors. How does everything connect? You will have to watch to see. Or not.

At an obscenely long 7 parts, ‘Ambassadors’ feels like an eternity as nothing much happens for extended periods of time. Fighting off sleep is about the strongest reaction you will likely have to this snooze fest. You’d think a story with the Doctor, the Brigadier, and never before seen aliens (who sound suspiciously like the Cybermen) would at least be entertaining, but alas no. The story is so drawn out and repetitious that you won’t care how it all ends. Heck, even Jon Pertwee and Nicholas Courtney look bored here and who can blame them?

The biggest problem with ‘Ambassadors’ is that it wastes ideas and characters (which shouldn’t be too surprising as it took 4 writers to try and salvage this story). While I appreciate the fact that realistic space travel was incorporated into this story, it’s really inconsequential in the grand scheme of this overlong story. Companion Liz Shaw is also wasted here as she is reduced to little more than a background character.

Summary: For “Doctor Who” completists only.


The fullscreen picture quality, which has been recolored in parts, looks a bit funky (for lack of a better word). The colors are blobby and blurry, but it’s the best we can expect here I suppose.

Thankfully, the Dolby Digital Mono audio track fares better than the picture quality. While not 5.1 esque, it’s a solid enough track that does a fine job tackling the show’s action, sound f/x, and dialogue.

* Trailers for “Doctor Who” series 5, “The Claws Of Axos,” and “The Ambassadors Of Death,” Radio Times Listings, photo gallery, and info text.
* Commentary by Caroline John, Michael Ferguson, Nicholas Courtney, Peter Halliday, Derek Ware, Geoffrey Beevers, Terrance Dicks, Roy Scammell, Derek Martin, and moderator Toby Hadoke. Not everyone appears on each part of the episode so expect different people in each part. With so many people popping in and out of each part, you can expect a wide variety of conversations about script troubles, stunts, the cast, set stories, etc.
* “Tomorrow’s Times- The Third Doctor”- Another segment of this ongoing extra series about the press coverage and reviews of the Third Doctor era.
* “Mars Probe 7: Making The Ambassadors Of Death” contains cast and crew interviews, script discussions, action/stunt discussions, etc. Some of this material is covered in the commentary so it’s not all new material.

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