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Hart of Dixie Season 1 DVD Review

“Hart of Dixie” is another fluffy fish-out-of-water series.

Rachel Bilson of “The O.C.” fame stars as a NY girl named Zoe Hart who wants to be a surgeon like her father. Her goal is to get a fancy fellowship, but that doesn’t end up happening. As a result of this, she reluctantly decides to take a job in BlueBell, Alabama to hone her skills by working for a Doctor (Wilkes) that she met at her medical school graduation. At first, Zoe doesn’t think she will fit in with this town, but she decides to say after learning that Doctor Wilkes passed away and left her the practice (there’s more to this story, but I don’t want to spoil it). From there on out, Zoe tries to fit in with this town which contains a host of quirky characters like a jackass Dr. (Brick), Brick’s daughter (Lemon) and her lawyer fiancé George, a former NFL player turned Mayor (Lavon), and a bartender/neighbor (Wade).

Plots of the 22 episodes involve: Zoe helping patients, Judson, George and Wade having romantic feelings for Zoe, a Founder’s Day Parade, a gumbo contest, Lavon dating Didi (a receptionist), a heat wave, a revelation about Harley Wilkes connection to Zoe, a minister contracting syphilis, Wade’s father, brother, and ex-wife, Zoe’s family troubles, a homecoming football party, Brick and Zoe battling over the practice, Planksgiving, a Miss Cinnamon Cider beauty pageant, an affair between Lavon and Lemon, Zoe trying to become a Southern Belle, Zoe befriending a Belle named Annabeth, the Sweetie Pie Dance, BlueBell’s Man of the Year party, a big break-up (won’t say between who) followed by a possible reconnection, and a BlueBell Battle.

I’m not sure what the TV studio’s fascination with quirky, clichéd, and fluffy fish-out-of-water series is lately, but they’re being released in droves lately. ‘Dixie,’ which debuted last year, is one of the more successful of the bunch as it was renewed for a second season that is currently airing on the CW. Unfortunately, it’s not a particularly memorable show.

The root of the show’s problems is Rachel Bilson who is arguably one of the least convincing surgeons in TV history. Between her wooden acting and her annoying character, it makes it hard to care about this show. Yes, I know her character is meant to be a rude, privileged snot that grows up as the show progresses, but that doesn’t make Bilson’s character any least tolerable (or believable).

On the plus side, there are some solid supporting characters and guest stars here. Jamie King shines as the Southern Belle biotch Lemon as does Cress Williams as Lavon the Mayor. Guest stars Justin Hartley (of “Smallville” fame), Ernie Hudson and Gary Cole also make memorable appearances. The real highlight is Nancy Travis who only unfortunately only appears in the first 2 episodes as she joined the cast of “Last Man Standing.” It’s a shame because her character would have helped the show.

The writing is also another issue with this series. It’s apparent early on that the writing staff struggle to find plots for this show as they heavily lean on town celebrations as backdrops for conflicts. I’m not exaggerating when I say this town seems to have more celebrations than any in the country. It’s really quite ridiculous (as is the forced and manufactured drama between the characters).

Summary: “Hart of Dixie” may have a small, but dedicated fanbase, but it’s not a show to get excited about. It’s all pretty routine. Skip it.


Presented in widescreen, ‘Dixie’ looks like a typically glossy and well shot CW dramedy.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track does the job.

* 2 deleted scenes from “The Crush and the Crossbow,” 2 deleted scenes from “Aliens and Aliases,” 2 deleted scenes from “Tributes and Triangles,” 2 deleted scenes from “Heart To Hart,” and 1 deleted scene from “Bachelorettes And Bullets,” and 3 deleted scenes from “Disaster Drills and Departures.”
* A nearly 4 minute gag reel. Not funny.
* “Straight From The Hart Of Dixie”- A featurette that talks that contains discussions of the creation of the show and the characters, cast and crew interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, etc.

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