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Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Review

The Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote will have “Doctor Who” fans yelling “Geronimooooo!”

As any “Doctor Who” fan knows, the Sonic Screwdriver is the ultimate gadget in the Whoniverse. Over the years, a countless number of Sonic Screwdriver toys have been made from various eras of the Doctor. While the plastic toys are definitely fun to play with, they don’t exactly look or feel authentic. Thanks to the Wand Company, however, fans now have the option of purchasing a new high tech type of Sonic Screwdriver replica item with the release of a die cast metal 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Mark 7 Universal Remote.

Using just 2 AAA batteries, the weighty remote’s primary function is to operate a variety of entertainment devices that include Blu-ray players, DVD players, TV sets, iPod docks, and so on. With memory banks that allow 39 saved actions, the user can program actions (with the programming mode) into the remote which would enable the Sonic Screwdriver remote to imitate functions from other remotes.

Inputting an action into the memory bank may be a bit frustrating at first as the button tap functions are almost reminiscent of some video game controller codes. An inclusion of more buttons would have been helpful, but with some practice and trial and error runs, users should be able to get the remote working properly. If you are concerned about the remote being too hard to operate, don’t worry about it as the stylish, handy, blue fold-out instructional booklet is rather helpful and gives clear instructions (as opposed to some poorly written instruction manuals out there).

Do you have little to no interest in using the Sonic Screwdriver as a remote? Well, you’re in luck as the remote also includes an F/X Mode. This mode allows users to see the green glow and hear 13 sound F/X that play when 13 unique movements are made. For instance, if you flick left, push forward or tap the remote on top, you would hear 3 different sound F/X.

In addition to the above mentioned programming mode and F/X mode, the Screwdriver contains 3 other modes- Practice mode, control mode and quiet control mode. Practice mode allows users to get used to the remote by acting out movements (or gestures) such as the flick left, push forward, and tap the remote on tap actions I mentioned above. Control mode is an audible mode where you can select actions from the memory bank. The quiet control mode is one without audible words but instead includes clicks and flashes.

I should also note that if the Screwdriver is not in use, do not leave the device on as it significantly drains the battery. Powering the remote off after use is the best option to go with.

For the folks who don’t want anyone to use their Sonic Screwdriver remote, you have the option of putting in lock codes to prevent others from using it. If for some reason you forget the code or accidentally program a code, don’t freak out as a quick removal of the batteries will reset the remote lock code.

Last, but not least, if you’re looking to properly store your Screwdriver, the box does include a plastic case to sit the Screwdriver upon. A plastic cover for the case is also included.

Summary: The Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote is one of the coolest “Doctor Who” collectibles/pieces of merchandise to date. While more expensive than the average Sonic Screwdriver toy, this high quality product is undoubtedly worth the extra money. Buy it for the remote function, buy it as a conversation piece or buy it for cosplay purposes.

You can order this item right now for $99.95 at the BBC America Shop webpage here: http://www.bbcamericashop.com/house-and-home/doctor-who-sonic-screwdriver-universal-remote-control-16857.html

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