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King Of Thorn Blu-ray Review

“King Of Thorn” is a bombastic mess.

The plot: After a petrifying disease called the Medusa Strain has spread throughout the world the world, infected individuals Kasumi and her sister Shizuku (and 158 others) have been picked to be cryogenically frozen until a cure is developed. When the people are awakened, however, they do not find a cure, but rather giant vines and killer creatures that massacre all but 7 people. Katsumi, of course, is a survivor, but Shizuku has strangely disappeared. As the 7 survivors continue to explore the facility they have been kept in, it soon becomes clear that all isn’t what it seems and that some people are not as they seem. To say anything more would be spoiling the twist filled story.

When a character utters the line “I feel like I’m apart of some bad movie,” I couldn’t help but feel like that summed up this movie entirely. After a fantastic apocalyptic set-up, the movie quickly becomes a glorified puzzle-action video game with very little attention to character. Most of the characters are just used as fodder for one of the death defying obstacle games (don’t ask) or monsters. The characters that are partially developed feel forced and bland. On top of that, viewers are subjected to overlong exposition rants, fairytale and video game parallels, and endless scenes of monsters ravaging characters. To say this anime movie is a mess is an understatement. Skip this one.


The film, which is presented in widescreen 1080p, is beautifully animated. I may not think much of the movie itself, but there’s no denying that virtually every colorful frame is breathtakingly detailed.

The disc contains English and Japanese Dolby TrueHD 5.1 audio tracks. The English track contains a boatload of over acting. The Japanese track contains a much stronger cast of voice actors and actresses and is the one you should play.

* Trailers for ”Fafner,” “Shangri-La,” “Haibane Renmei,” “Steins;Gate,” ‘Deadman Wonderland,” “Hellsing Ultimate,” “Ga-Rei-Zero,” and Funimation.com.
* DVD copy.
* Original, Overseas and U.S. trailers for “King Of Thorn.”
* TV spot and Pilot Film for “King Of Thorn.”
* “Director Interview”- An 11 ½ minute interview between critic Ryusuke Hikawa and Kazuyoshi Katayama about meanings, scenes, characters, etc.
* ‘Talk Event At Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro”- A nearly half hour in-depth Q&A from a screening with director Kazuoyoshi Katayama and producer Yasumasa Tsuchiya.

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