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The Boogens Blu-ray Review

The cover art of “The Boogens” is more appealing than the actual film.

The plot: After an abandoned mine with a tragic history is re-opened for repair, a bloodthirsty tentacled beast is unleashed onto a small Colorado town. Can the film’s heroes stop the creature or will they all fall victim to it?

Many years ago, I actually tried to rent “The Boogens” on VHS. After the first 5 minutes of the film, the tape died so I never got to see the rest. Now, all of these years later, I finally got to see the rest, but was it worth the wait? The answer: no.

“The Boogens” is the type of unsurprising formulaic horror film that hits all of the expected beats. There’s drawn out suspense, lame small talk disguised as characterization, sex talk, nudity, horny characters, a killer monster, fake out spooks, monsters dragging people down the stairs, a creepy old wise man, a pet in constant danger (in this case, a dog), blood spurts…you know the drill.

Now, keep in mind that I’m all for a fun monster movie, but sadly this one isn’t much fun. When a pup has more screen-time than the actual monster, you know you’re in trouble. For a large majority of the slow moving film, we only see the monster’s vicious tentacles. When the monster does finally show up, he looks like a laughable deranged tentacled turtle puppet. To say it’s not scary looking (or that it resembles the cover art) is a gross understatement. If anything, it looks like a rejected puppet from Jabba’s Palace in “Return Of The Jedi.”


“The Boogens,” which is presented in 1.78:1 1080p, looks hit-and-miss in hi-def. Just by looking at the snowy landscapes and the crisp night scenes, there’s no denying that the film looks marginally better than it ever has. Unfortunately, the old print is still flawed even when converted to hi-def as dirt specs and scratches are still quite prevalent throughout the course of the film.

The DTS-HD Mono track is obviously not going to have the power of a 5.1 track, but it still packs a punch as evidenced by the spooky score and scenes featuring the monster roars or explosions.

The lone extra feature here is a talkative commentary track by director James. L. Conway, writer David O’Malley, actress Rebecca Balding, and moderator Jeff McKay. Fans of the film should enjoy hearing cast information, discussions about the dopey looking monster, production stories, and interesting factoids (like Balding and Conway being married).

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