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Suburgatory Season 1 DVD Review

“Suburgatory” is yet another fish-out-of-water sitcom.

The premise: Tessa is a Manhattan city girl who is uprooted to the suburbs of New York by her father George. As you can guess, the two slowly adjust to the plastic surgery ridden, fashion obsessed, rich family filled suburbs that they are now living in. Throughout the 22 episodes, expect to see plots about the neighbor Sheila (and her husband Fred and 2 kids Ryan and Lisa), Dallas and Dalia (a mother and daughter), Tessa falling for Ryan, Halloween and Thanksgiving episodes, charity, a birthday party, George’s love interests, an undercover narcotics officer, George’s casino trip, Tessa’s relationship with Scott, Tessa running for class prez, Lisa and Malik’s relationship, George’s friend Noah (and his wife Jill), Mr. Wolfe the guidance counselor, and croquet.

If for some odd reason you haven’t had your fill of the seemingly never ending “fish-out-of-water” sitcoms, then you will be pleased by “Suburgatory.” It’s a very typical network TV comedy that prides itself on exaggerated humor, forced character relationships (namely between George and Eden), clichés, stereotypes, self absorbed characters, and a blatant cash-in on something that is currently popular (in this case, Emma Stone). Yes, the lead character Tessa not only LOOKS like Emma Stone, but has the same level of sarcasm and wit that many of her characters do (especially her character in “Easy-A”).

Thankfully, the show isn’t a total waste of time. TV veterans Alan Tudyk (of “Firefly” fame) and Cheryl Hines (of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” fame) bring charisma and humor to their scene stealing roles. You’ll wish they were in a better show, but you’ll be happy to see them giving it their all in this mediocre one at least.

Summary: “Suburgatory” is the type of sitcom you will shrug your shoulders at. It’s utterly forgettable and is simply a middle of the road comedy.

Note: “Suburgatory” season 2 premieres October 17th, 2012.


Visually, “Suburgatory” looks great in widescreen. The cinematography is impressive and stylish and is hands down one of the best parts of the series.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 makes this sitcom sound as good as it possibly can.

* Deleted scenes from “Pilot,” “The Chatterer,” “Don’t Call Me Shirley,” “Charity Case,” “Sweet Sixteen,” “Thanksgiving,” “The Nutcracker,” “Driving Miss Dalia,” “The Casino Trip,” “Sex and the Suburbs,” “The Body,” “Poetic Injustice,” “Entering Eden,” “Hear No Evil,” “The Great Compromise,” and “The Motherload.”
* “Somewhere, Between Heaven and Hell- Life In Suburgatory”- The cast and crew talk about the characters, themes, story, and the suburbs. Set footage and is included.
* “Suburban Slip-Ups!”- The obligatory gag reel.


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