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Freelancers Blu-ray Review

“Freelancers” is one of the worst films of 2012.

The plot: Former criminal turned paroled police officer Malo hooks up with a former colleague of his deceased father’s named Sarcone. Sarcone convinces Malo to join his Street Vice Crime Task Force unit along with a number of other rogue cops. While on the job, Malo not only learns how corrupt this outfit is, but he also discovers that Sarcone is harboring a deadly secret about Malo’s father.

From the first 15 minutes alone, it’s clear that “Freelancers” was going to be hard to endure. Not only was the dialogue truly horrendous (see the peanut butter sex chat scene), but 50 Cent’s wooden line deliveries and unconvincing portrayal as a police officer was making the movie drag on and on. How or why Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson continues to get roles is a question that may never be answered.

Anyway, the movie only gets worse from the 15 minute mark onward. Sure, Robert De Niro and Forest Whitaker try to class up the movie by giving solid performances, but you can’t help but feel sad to see them slumming it in this filler filled low rent crime flick.

Summary: “Training Day” this is not. Avoid.


“Freelancers,” which is presented in 2.40:1 1080p, has a gritty, dark style that isn’t exactly pleasant to look at. Still, the film undoubtedly looks as good as it possibly can here on Blu-ray.

The 5.1 DTS-HD audio track does the job. Not much else to say.

* Lionsgate film trailers and a “Freelancers” trailer.
* 11 deleted scenes including an alternate opening.
* Extended interviews with 50 cent, Jessy Terrero, Forest Whitaker, Malcolm Goodwin, Ryan O’Nan, Beau Garrett, Anabelle Acosta, L. Philippe Casseus, Randall Emmett,
* “Behind The Scenes With Interviews”- Title says it all.
* Commentary by 50 Cent and Jessy Terrero. If you want behind-the-scenes information about this movie, feel free to listen. Otherwise, skip it.

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