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Chronicle Blu-ray Review

“Chronicle” is a poorly executed found footage movie.

Sooner or later, you knew the found footage craze would find its way to the superhero genre and it finally has with “Chronicle.”

The plot involves 3 high school teens (Andrew, Matt, and Steve) who discover they have powers (such as flying and telekinesis) after coming into contact with a glowing object. At first, the three goof off with their powers by playing pranks on people, but things get serious as the trio drifts apart. Power soon corrupts one such angsty character (no spoilers here folks) which leads to an intense and destructive ending that predictably ends with a sequel set-up.

“Chronicle” starts off well enough with an attention grabbing story set-up, but the premise quickly goes to waste once the rushed story enters the third act. Instead of developing the characters (or even giving us characters to care about), the movie becomes more concerned with showcasing the characters powers by the time the ending rolls around. Granted, the action and flying scenes are impressive (especially with the reported 12-15 million budget), but that shouldn’t be the focus.

Another annoyance is the nauseating shakey cam/found footage approach which proves to be altogether unnecessary. It doesn’t add anything to the story and feels like a cheap cash-in on the storytelling gimmick.

Summary: With a few more rewrites, “Chronicle” could have been something memorable. Instead, the final product feels rushed, tired, and lazy. Skip it.

Note: Viewers have the option of watching the theatrical edition or the director’s cut.


Despite how you may feel about the shakey cam cinematography, the clarity of the picture and special f/x look outstanding in 1.85:1 1080p.

The 5.1 DTS-HD audio track is even better as it’s one of the best tracks I’ve heard lately. It certainly puts the speakers to work.

* DVD and Digital Copy.
* A deleted scene titled “Matt And Casey In Kitchen.”
* “Pre-Vix”- Pre visualization CGI footage.
* “Camera Test”- F/X/scene tests using an HD camera.

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