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Hijacked DVD Review

“Hijacked” is a by-the-numbers action flick.

The plot: Paul Ross is a CIA agent who has been relentlessly pursuing a criminal organization known as The Tribe. When he learns that The Tribe is targeting a shady billionaire named Bruce Lieb, Paul sets out to warn Bruce personally. Eventually, he winds up traveling with Bruce and his associates on Bruce’s private jumbo plane as a safety measure. To no surprise, the Tribe infiltrates and hijacks the plane in order to squeeze money out of Bruce Lieb. To make matters more complicated for Paul, his ex-love Olivia just happens to be on board the plane as a new employee of Bruce Lieb. From there on out, you can expect to see dead bodies, shootouts, a rekindled romance, and a couple of plot twists along the way.

When I saw that Randy Couture was starring in the made for DVD action film “Hijacked,” I thought to myself, “Well, at least it’s not Steve Austin.” After viewing “Hijacked,” however, I have to wonder if the emotionless Couture is just as bad an actor as Austin (if not worse). While Couture is an incredibly accomplished UFC fighter, his transition to motion pictures hasn’t been particularly impressive thus far. He had his moments in “The Expendables,” but none of those moments involved dialogue or character. In “Hijacked,” he seems to have zero interest in anything on screen whatsoever. To be fair though, who could blame him as the movie itself is a complete bore.

For a so called action flick, there is very little action that one would consider intense in “Hijacked.” The low budget clearly hampers any possible creativity or elaborate action scenes. Of course, for the action to be good, the characters would also need to be good. Alas, most of the characters are not remotely likeable thanks to completely idiotic character actions that dumb the movie down.

The script is another issue as it hits every predictable beat. Dead partner? Check. A cry of “Noooooo!”? Check. Plot twist at the end? Check. Forced romance? Check.

The only decent aspect of this film is actor Holt McCallany as the film’s villain, Holt, who is best known for being the star of the underrated “Lights Out” TV series, doesn’t take the movie too seriously and is clearly having fun being the baddie. It’s a shame his talents were wasted in this though.

“Hijacked” is presented in 1.78:1 widescreen with a Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track. The picture quality is solid, but if you are going to watch the movie, I would imagine it would look sharper on Blu-ray. As for the audio track, it gets my approval. The shootouts, dialogue, and airplane sound f/x were generally top notch.

The only extras here are 2 Anchor Bay film trailers.

Summary: Skip “Hijacked.”

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