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The Inbetweeners- The Complete Series DVD Review

“The Inbetweeners” is a hilarious British sitcom.

The 18 episode, three season spanning British sitcom “The Inbetweeners” is not a typical teen TV series. There’s no watered down humor or clichéd characters here. Instead, this is a true to life series complete with curse words, sex talk, and even some nudity here and there. In other words, this is a very universal comedy about horny teenagers.

The series revolves around the adventures of Will, Simon, Jay and Neil in and out of school. Expect to see plots about drinking, girls and dates, amusement park trip, caravans, Christmas Prom, field trip, a new job for Will, Will’s birthday, a London trip, Duke Of Edinburgh Awards, exams, charity fashion show, a Warwick trip, and a camping trip.

After seeing countless phony, kid friendly high school comedies in both the film and television mediums, it’s refreshing to see a comedy that isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Things may be a little different in high school nowadays, but what isn’t different is what people talk about- sex. Even with the thick English accents and British lingo, the 4 hormonal characters are relatable to most people around the world because the conversations they have are pretty universal (whether people will admit or not).

On top of that, the show is downright funny. Whether the characters get into cringe worthy situations (see Will taking his exam) or fail miserably in their quests to find women, you’ll always find yourself laughing with the characters (not at them). This isn’t the type of series that mocks its main characters except for when the characters mock one another (what teen DOESN’T do this with his or her friends?).

The only real downside to “The Inbetweeners” is most of the third season. The first 2 seasons are consistently hilarious, but the third season is very hit-and-miss. The season opener (“Fashion Show”) is strong, but the show soon devolves into a series of tired jokes, weak writing, and some blatantly unfunny crude humor. Still, the good FAR outweighs the bad here.

Summary: “The Inbetweeners” is one of the funniest TV series in the past 10 years. Buy it and tell everyone you know about it.

Note: Keep your eyes peeled for “The Inbetweeners Movie” out in September in the U.S and the U.S. remake on MTV August 20th.


The series, which is presented in widescreen, has a nice fly on the wall cinematography style to it. You feel like you are right there with the characters

The Dolby Digital 2.0 audio track is obviously not as good as a 5.1 track, but it does the job.

* “The Inbetweeners” movie trailer.
* 2 deleted scenes and 2 outtakes from season 1.
* “Meet The Cast”- A 7 minute featurette which features behind-the-scenes videos of the cast. The cast also talks about themselves and each other.
* “The Making Of The Inbetweeners”- Creators Iain Morris and Damon Beesley talk about casting, characters, and the Frisbee scene. Behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the cast and crew are also included.
* Video diaries of Blake Harrison, James Buckley, Simon Bird and Joe Thomas all 3 seasons. Greg Davies has a video diary on the third season disc.
* Commentary on the “The First Day,” “Thorpe Park,” “Will Gets A Girlfriend,” “The Xmas Party,” “Field Trip,” “Will’s Birthday,” “End Of Term,” “Fashion Show,” “The Gig And The Girlfriend,” “Will’s Dilemma,” “Trip To Warwick,” “Home Alone,” and “Camping.” Actors James Buckley, Joe Thomas, Blake Harrison and Simon Bird provide commentary on ‘First,’ ‘Thorpe,’ ‘Girlfriend,’ ‘Birthday,’ ‘Term,’ ‘Dilemma,’ and ‘Warwick.’ They are very lighthearted tracks featuring a lot of joking around and discussions about what they enjoyed filming. Show creators Iain Morris and Damon Beesley provide commentary on “The Xmas Party,” “Field Trip,” and “Camping.” They talk about how the show came about, scenes, set stories, the story, etc.  Additionally, Greg Davies joins the 4 lead actors on the “Fashion Show” track, Iain Morris, Blake Harrison and Joe Thomas do a track for “The Gig And The Girlfriend,” and Damon Beesley, James Buckley and Simon Bird do a commentary for “Home Alone.”
* Nearly 6 minutes of outtakes from season 2. Much more amusing than the first season’s outtakes.
* 7 minutes of deleted scenes from season 2.
* “Mr. Gilbert Interview”- Actor Greg Davies talks about his character Mr. Gilbert.
* “Field Trip Featurette”- A short behind-the-scenes look at the hilarious “Field Trip” episode.
* “Behind The Scenes”- Simon Bird talks to Iain Morris and Damon Beesley.
* 5 minutes of outtakes from season 3 that are funnier than most of the third season.
* 7 ½ minutes of deleted scenes from season 3.
* “Series 3 Prequel”- The 4 lead characters catch up about summer break and the school year ahead.
* “Behind The Scenes With Cast”- 3 videos titled “The Boys’ Thoughts From A Spa,” ‘The Squirrel,” and “In The Car.”

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