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Hey Dude Season 3 DVD Review

The third season of “Hey Dude” improves upon the second season.

The 13 episode third season of “Hey Dude” proves to be quite eventful. Fans can expect to see stories about Ted being in charge of the Ranch for a day, Melody falling for a rich kid, Ted leaving the Ranch for summer school, Ted and Brad going on a date, Mr. Ernst’s nephew Jake becoming a worker on the Ranch, Melody’s friend Amy visiting the Ranch, a superstitious Jake, a baseball game against a rival Ranch, Buddy’s parents, Melody going on strike, Mr. Ernst becoming a wrestler, Melody’s brother visiting the Ranch, a bratty kid stirring up trouble on the Ranch, and Lucy’s lover and her son visiting the Ranch.

After a tiresome opening episode (“Inmates Run The Asylum”) and a solid Melody centric second episode (“Hey Cinderella), season 3 takes an interesting, game changing turn in the third episode (“Date Nite”). Not only does ‘Nite’ feature a long awaited date between Brad and Ted, but it also sees Ted leaving the show for the remainder of the season. From there on out, the series mixes things up from the usual formula that we are used to in the first two seasons. We are introduced to a new character (Jake), there’s a celebrity cameo (wrestler Captain Lou Albano), Lucy gets some much needed character development in the season finale, the Ranch staff become more of a family, and Buddy, Melody, and Brad really grow as characters.

Throughout the course of the season, Buddy definitely starts to grow up more as he tries to find an identity for himself. We also get to see some real human moments with him (especially when his mother visits the ranch). As for Melody, she encounters some real growing pains when she reconnects with an old school friend and tries to be someone she isn’t in “Hey Cinderella.” As for Brad, we not only see her true feelings for Ted, but we also see her fall for a new character (Kyle) who is introduced in the season finale.

As for the other characters (namely Danny and Jake), they don’t have a ton to do here. While Jake feels like a cheap replacement for Ted, he does grow on you as you learn more about his quirks and personality. Sadly, Danny doesn’t have much to do in this season. With Ted off the show, his screentime is rather limited.

Summary: If you’re a “Hey Dude” fan, you owe it to yourself to buy this third season set.


The series, which is presented in fullscreen, looks decent except for the “Melody’s Brother” episode. The print for that episode resembles a bootleg video tape because it was the only known video source to exist for this episode.

The dialogue and music sounded fine overall except for the low quality “Melody’s Brother” episode.

Sadly, the third season set has zero extras. Come on Shout! Factory, let’s see more interviews on the last two season sets!

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